Ladybird books guide to feminism: Part One

In the olden days women fought for freedom

In the olden days, women?s rights campaigners fought for freedom.

Suffragettes fought for women?s right to vote. ?Women?s libbers? fought for equal pay an end to a life ?tied to the kitchen sink?.

Tough women, like Sylvia Pankhurst, campaigned for equality and demanded liberty.

Nowadays, Modern Feminists have discovered that women are, in fact, ?vulnerable?. They have decided that the world is dangerous for women. Feminists want women to be supported and protected.

Sylvia Pankhurst campaigning on the streets of East London

#Hashtag Feminism

In olden days, Suffragettes chained themselves to fences and threw themselves in front of horses to fight for equal rights for women.

Today, Modern Feminists show their bravery in different ways.

They loudly demand that the authorities protect women from adverts which show other women in bathing costumes.

The radical Feminists chain themselves to keyboards and hurl themselves into Twitter storms of fuming disapproval.

Untied from the kitchen sink

Some people have said that the development of washing machines, ready-made meals and supermarkets has reduced the amount of work needed to complete domestic tasks.

This has given women more time, the freedom to go out to work and to enjoy life.

Some women use this time to drink wine and go on city breaks. Other women have successful careers and high powered jobs. Some women do all these things.

Could Tesco and Whirlpool tumble dryers be more feminist than the Modern Feminists?



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? Josh Hampton, 14th May 2016