Ladybird books guide to feminism: Part three

Continuing the guide from yesterday

The colour of patriarchy is pink

Modern Feminists know that the world is run by men and that this is called ?Patriarchy?.

Patriarchy works by teaching girls to become servants of men when they grow up.

Patriarchy uses dolls and the colour pink to trick girls. Girls who wear pink and play with dolls never grow up to be scientists or doctors.

Some girls are forced to wear pink clothes. Feminists have noticed that these girls become servants of men.

Women scientists didn?t play with dolls when they were girls.

Top tips for harmonious living

Feminists have realised that modern society can be a daunting place. They provide advice and guidance to make it easier to survive.

They recommend showing appreciation or approval using ?jazz hands? instead of clapping.

They also provide fashion advice. This means that scientists can land robots on comets, safe in the knowledge that they are following 21st Century fashion trends.

Feminists are fashionistas.

Feminists are actually funny

Some people say that Modern Feminists do not have a sense of humour. This is not true.

Feminists are very funny, particularly when they are angry.

Sandy Toksvig has created a political party. It is called the Ladies That Lunch With Furrowed Brows Party. She is demanding that nice middle-class women run everything and make things nice and middle class and womanly.

This is very funny.

No-one can say that Feminists are not funny


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??Josh Hampton, 14th May 2016