Lizzie Marvelly & Gloriz Ghahraman twins separated at birth?

Lizzie Marvelly (right) Gloriz Ghahraman (left)

Either Lizzie and Golriz are twins separated at birth or they both drank the same fake news Kool-Aid.

Golriz Ghahraman wrote a column for the Spinoff with the headline:

Will New Zealand stand silent while Trump?s America tortures children?

And, not to be outdone, Lizzie Marvelly wrote one on the same topic for the Herald with the headline:

Little children suffer in American horror story

Photo: Whaleoil


Both stories are a?triumph of emotion over reason.

Lizzie’s article helpfully includes a photo of the “horror” (blissfully unaware that it was taken in 2014 during Obama’s presidency).



Marvelly’s article is short on facts and long on hyperbole. She calls the children refugees. Why do the media think that ‘refugee’ and ‘economic migrant’ are interchangeable terms now?

She even has the?unmitigated gall to compare children given warm bedding, a TV to watch and three square meals a day while waiting for their parents to be processed, with concentration camp victims! She compares Trump with (you guessed it) Hitler! Quote:

?children […] ripped from their parents and imprisoned in cages

Every American should be deeply, viscerally ashamed of their country.

There is no debate here.[…] This one is black and white. If you thought that it was okay to forcibly remove a small child from their family and imprison said child in a cage, you are a monster. Case closed.

There are no mitigating factors.?[…]

[…] traumatised children – likely to suffer for the rest of their lives as a result of the complex psychological issues created when they are forced from their families […]

[…] refugee children

[…] American horror story

[…] display of barbarity has real consequences for all of us. I thought back to Nazi Germany this week and felt a chill run down my spine. We often wonder how Hitler came to be able to do the horrific things that he did. Ripping children away from their families and imprisoning them in concentration camps was one of them. Lest we forget what the Anzacs died for.

In this post World Wars age, none of us should sit by and watch these kinds of atrocities happen. […] The USA has been very firmly in asshole territory this month. End of quote.