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Source – Gap Minder

Health, Wealth and Well-being – Population vs. GDP vs. Life Expectancy

New Zealand from 1800 – 2018

We sadly experienced a drop in population as a result of WWI. Also our stats only really started in the late 1800’s (note the flat line prior to this). Our life expectancy is currently on par with other Western Nations, such as the USA, France, UK, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Spain and so forth.?In 1900 the average NZ life expectancy was 47.8 whereas now its 81.7? ?

In today’s modern world information is distributed and shared re medicine and science. In previous times nations were pretty much isolated and left to fend for themselves.

China is an interesting case – stating the obvious, there is a direct correlation between health, wealth and well being and China is certainly a case in point. China’s life expectancy was 31.7 in 1900, yet climbed quickly from the mid 60’s on wards. This is a direct result of their willingness to become the worlds manufacturing capital. They persevered and became very good at it and subsequently also very-very rich.

Most countries experienced losses during WWII. When plotting Poland, Russia, China and Germany, these losses are highly apparent. In fact Russia and Poland almost drop off the bottom of the screen. Poland’s life expectancy was 15.4 and Russia’s 15.9 (1944) – how sad is that?

For those of you who love statistics, then Gap Minder is a good place to start.