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Source – Global Carbon Atlas Org

Source – Global Carbon Atlas Org

World CO2 Emissions Map (1960 – 2016)

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There is a lot going on here and I’m sure a whole bunch of science and debate behind these stats. At a mere glance two facts come to mind:

Firstly, a high CO2 footprint is not directly attributed to population size. There seems to be a direct connection between wealth and development. Australia is a case in point. With only about 25 million people, its CO2 footprint is reasonably higher than some of the African nations with a lot more people. Sri Lanka is another example – they have a similar population to Australia (about 22 million) yet a much lower CO2 footprint.

Secondly, smoke from wood fires is a non contributor. Take Africa and South America with their huge populations. Every village will use wood or coal fires to cook and keep warm etc. Yet they have a low CO2? footprint.