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Source – Cornell University

Israel and the Arab States/The Arab Deployment for Attack 4 June 1967/The Cease-Fire Line 10 June 1967

For the ability to zoom in click here.?Collectors notes are as follows –

Three maps on a single sheet, apparently issued shortly after the conclusion of the Six-Day War. The top map shows the relative military power of ?Israel and the Arab States? in population, troops, tanks and planes, with an inset chart of relative GNP and defense spending. Thirteen Arab States are listed, and together they greatly outnumber Israel in every category. The bottom map shows ?The Arab Deployment for Attack 4 June 1967,” including troops, tanks, warships and missile launching sites. This map – with planes, tanks and missiles all aimed at Israel from surrounding states – implicitly supports the decision of Israel to launch a pre-emptive attack on Egypt on June 5. The third map, inset, shows ?The Cease-Fire Line 10 June 1967,? following the overwhelming Israeli victory.
The collection includes three maps related to the Six-Day War, ID #2246, Israel and the Arab States (1967); ID #1381, Israel and the Arab Countries (1969); and ID #2210, Liberation of the Old City (1967). The fact that this map was published in English suggests that it was intended primarily to influence opinion in the U.S. and Western Europe. Compare ID #1381 and ID #2210, both in Hebrew.

Cornell University