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Source – Cornell University

The Geographical Guide to a Man’s and Woman’s Heart

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Drawn in 1960 by Jo Lowrey that was published in the McCall’s Magazine in January 1960. Collectors notes are as follows –

Geographical Guide to a Man’s Heart with Obstacles and Entrances Clearly Marked. Geographical Guide to a Woman’s Heart Emphasizing Points of Interest to the Romantic Traveler.

Two allegorical maps of romance, dense with contemporary stereotypical references. The Man’s Heart, for example, is bordered by the Don’t Fence Me In Fence and Impenetrable Wall of Ego, while the Woman’s heart features the State of Security adjoining Love of Love Land. Harmon 2004, 52-53.
These maps derive from two Victorian images, attributed only to “A Lady” and published by the Kellogg Brothers of Connecticut. “The Open Country of Woman?s Heart” illustrates “the different options available to an eligible young woman – and the different choices she might choose to make.” The companion piece, “The Fortified Country of Man?s Heart,” shows “a citadel, bristling with defenses intended to ward off attack.” Finlay 2012.

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