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Source – Sunday Times (UK)

A sucker for Soccer?

This is a map of the stadiums, all 12 of them. Below is also some intel about each one.

I know we dont call it Soccer anymore but Football

?Football is not a matter of life and death,? said legendary coach Bill Shankly in 1981, ?it’s more important than that.?

St Petersburg Stadium
Estimated cost??880m
Did you know??It is a mile-long walk from the nearest metro station, which led to sparse crowds in the first half of games at last year?s Confederation Cup.? ?

Kaliningrad Stadium
Estimated cost??200m
Opened?March 2018
Did you know??The stadium is built on Oktyabrsky Island, which for centuries had been left largely untouched in the heart of Kaliningrad.

Luzhniki Stadium
Estimated cost??330m
Opened?1956 Renovation completed 2017
Did you know??This is where Chelsea?s John Terry slipped while taking his spot kick in the penalty shoot-out of the 2008 Champions League final, which was won by Manchester United.

Rostov Arena
Estimated cost??235m
Opened?April 2018
Did you know??In the first match at the stadium, in April,?Rostov beat Khabarovsk 2-0 for their first victory under Valeri Karpin, who was appointed in December.

Fisht Stadium
Estimated cost??450m
Opened?February 2014 Renovation completed 2017
Did you know??Germany scored ten goals in three matches here on their way to lifting the Confederations Cup last year.

Spartak Stadium
Estimated cost??265m
Did you know??There are six hundred giant diamond-shaped glass tiles on the outside of the stadium.

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium
Estimated cost??215m
Opened?April 2018
Did you know??It?s built close to the 500-year-old Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin and its design is inspired by aspects of nature in the Volga region.

Yekaterinburg Arena
Estimated cost??150m
Opened?1953 Renovation completed April 2008
Did you know??Temporary stands, which are outside the main structure of the stadium, have been built behind each goal.

Kazan Arena
Estimated cost??335m
Did you know??It was designed by Populous, the architects behind Wembley and the Emirates. The arena?s media facade is comprised of three HD plasma panels measuring 4,200 square metres.

Mordovia Arena
Estimated cost??195m
Opened?April 2008
Did you know??Mordovia Saransk, who have just been promoted to Russia?s second tier, will move in after tournament and the capacity will be reduced to 25,000.

Volograd Arena
Estimated cost??205m
Opened?April 2018
Did you know??The stadium is built at the foot of the Mamayev Kurgan war memorial

Samara Arena
Estimated cost??220m
Opened?April 2018
Did you know??The budget was smashed for the arena and there were fears that it would not be ready for tournament. It hosted its first test game at the end of April.

The Sunday Times