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Source – Mapping the Nation

A 1947 Promotional Map for Air France drawn by?Lucien Boucher

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What is a ?pictorial map?? The term has come to include a wide range of maps, but the genre particularly refers to the maps associated with tourism, advertising, literature, and illustration that really peaked as an art form in the middle decades of the twentieth century. Among?the most stunning examples is?Lucien Boucher?s 1947 promotional map?for Air France.

In the immediate aftermath of World War Two, passenger air travel spread quickly as the airlines developed routes around the world. Air France mounted a dramatic visual advertising campaign to draw potential passengers into this exciting new world of aviation. Here Boucher draws a world of movement. Lines mark the extensive route map, while the muted backdrop of ancient ships and romanticized natives conjure up the ?exotic? dimensions of world travel.

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