Media frenzy hits a new low


We all know that the Democrats and the media will do absolutely anything to get a hit on President Trump. Having failed spectacularly to do so in any meaningful way so far, things just get more desperate and more unhinged. The latest attack on Trump was because of the policy at the Mexican border where children of illegal immigrants are taken away from their so-called parents. This is not a new policy. It was enforced under the Obama Administration. Here is Obama speaking about the policy in 2014.

But it is OK if the left does it, right?

Golriz the Great has written a piece for?TheSpinoff entitled – “Will New Zealand stand silent while Trump?s America tortures children?”

In it she writes: Quote:

We live at a moment in global history when the world?s most powerful state is?forcibily removing thousands of children from their families, and detaining them unlawfully, in mass cages, based on their place of birth. End quote.

Golriz, here is a photo of the children in cages.

And this photo was taken in 2014 as well.

Just for the record, children are taken away from adults because US law limits the time a child can be detained, compared to an adult. In other words, children are often released more quickly. You may ask where they are released to, but the law is clear. Any parent taking children to the border in such circumstances knows the risks they are taking, but do it anyway. As far as I’m concerned, that does not say much about them as parents.

They could always do what the rest of us do though. They could apply for a resident visa and start the process lawfully. Now, there’s an idea.

The media frenzy, particularly in the US has got so bad, it is unprecedented. It is so bad, that Rush Limbaugh, quoted on??Infowars?has warned that someone will get killed. Quote:

Rush Limbaugh warned on his radio show today that if the media continued to generate hysteria over the Trump administration?s border policy, ?somebody?s gonna get killed.?

?Okay. Folks, I?m just gonna say it here. If the media keeps this up ? if they keep up generating this hysteria ? somebody?s gonna get killed. I think we?re pretty close to somebody getting killed already, and I?m not being hyperbolic, and I?m not trying to call attention to myself,? said Limbaugh.

?I?m genuinely worried about the out-of-control aspect of this. The news media?s fanning the flames. The news media is leading the way on this,? he added.

Limbaugh went on to explain how the left was becoming desperate because they thought Donald Trump would have been kicked out of office by now, but his popularity only seems to be growing.

?The Drive-By Media is especially unhinged. This is the longest it?s taken to get rid of a political opponent that they can ever recall,? said Limbaugh, adding that Trump?s success, ?has created a mob of political monsters who gather on Twitter to spew insane hatred ? and this is bleeding over to people even in the establishment.? End quote.

An MSNBC newsreader, Rachel Maddow, pretended to cry on TV on reading the news that migrant babies and toddlers had been sent to a ‘tender age shelter’. Great acting, Rachel. You are wasted as a news anchor. You should be in Hollywood.

Speaking of Hollywood…

The bile has now become so bad, people are becoming unhinged. This is just sick.

Peter Fonda still seems to have a Twitter account, by the way, once again telling you all you need to know about that company’s lack of bias and his new movie is still coming out at the weekend. A bit different from what happened to Roseanne after an unwise tweet that was nowhere near as bad as this.

The unbridled, deranged hatred for President Trump continues. The vicious left thought they would have been able to get rid of him by now. The fact that they have not succeeded speaks volumes for democracy, but just what exactly does it say about the media? The people supposedly reporting our news are deranged. Simply deranged. And it is not much better here.