Men at work?

These days, the whole of New Zealand seems to be like a great big work site. Building projects, roading projects, road repairs and resealing… it is all there. And right at this point in time, I cannot actually recall the signs we have here, warning us of impending road repairs, or similar. But here is what they have in the UK. And now, needless to say, there has been an objection.

Should ‘men at work’ signs be banned?

Oh God. Does it really matter? Everyone knows what they mean. It is not about being sexist, it is about safety for both the MEN AT WORK and for the general public.

Another day, another thing to get offended by.

You will see, of course, that nowhere does the sign actually say ‘Men at work’. The sign just shows a humanoid figure shovelling into a pile of something to indicate that there are works going on that may cause disruption. Incidentally, these signs haven’t changed for about 50 years. Exactly the same signs were used back in the 1970s. The signs to indicate a level crossing still show a cute little steam train, but steam trains were abandoned in 1968! Get over it.

Some of the responses were good though.

95% of those who took part in the poll voted No.

Well, that restores my faith in humanity somewhat. At least 95% of people thought she was stupid.

And some thought she was more than stupid.

This lady needs to go and live at Crazy Woman Creek was one response.


But I liked this one.

Maybe we should ban the elderly crossing signs as it assumes all old people are bent over with walking sticks, said another tweet

Although you know that being ageist is OK, don’t you? It is being sexist, racist, fascist, transgenderist, homophobic or Islamaphobic that is not okay. Ageism is fine. Particularly if it is against old white men.

Personally, I think this woman is completely right. I think Britain is very lacking in progress in the modern world, and I think they should look to Canada for their next bit of inspiration in the essential world of inclusivity.

The picture shows Justin Trudeau with the book, The Communist Personifesto.

Jacinda will be jumping up and down in her Allbirds with excitement when she sees that photo.