More of that election losing petulance and arrogance on display by a Labour minister

Labour ministers really haven’t yet grasped that they are in government and they can and will be held to account for their many utterances, including over-blown promises.

Phil Twyford, yesterday at a select committee, displayed some more of the arrogance that Danyl McLauchlan wrote about: Quote:

HNZ has?shifted its policy towards tenants with pets and addiction issues, allowing pets on a case-by-case basis and defaulting to support services when they discover addiction issues rather than eviction.

Twyford has also paused all eligibility checks for existing tenants?while working out whether or not more vulnerable groups should be protected from them.

Collins and her National colleague Simon O’Connor?contend?that is the reason for the record-high waitlist for eligible families ? 8108 as of April 30, up from 6182 at the end of 2017.

Twyford rejected this assertion, saying only a handful of people would have been moved on under the old rules, and the biggest factor was the wider housing crisis.

“The effect of pausing the tenancy review is much smaller than that, it’s tens of people if you extrapolate the trends from before the change,” Twyford said.

“It’s not our position that people should have a house for life. But we don’t share the former Government’s enthusiasm for kicking people out.”

Collins shot back that Twyford had come to the committee with “the worst waiting list ever”.

“What’s going to be your excuse next year if that wait-list continues to remain up or grow?” Collins asked.

National’s Louise Upston chimed in to ask if Twyford would resign?if anyone in her Taupo electorate ended up living in a car.

Twyford asked if Upston would resign if she didn’t come up with “some better questions,” saying his Government were building more public housing in the regions than any other Government had in decades. End quote.

What a fool. He’s there to answer questions whether he likes it or not. This follows on from the rude and demeaning attitude of Kelvin Davis in a select committee. His petulance continued under questioning: Quote:

Collins then focused?her questions on “anti-social tenants” and how HNZ would deal with them, ascertaining that?$490m was spent on repairing and maintaining?houses every year.

“If you have a group of tenants living in an area with a significant number of a state houses – If a particular tenant is living next door to a gang involved in anti-scoial behaviour including dog fighting screaming shouting abuse and threats, will that tenant be able to come to HNZ or their local MP and ask for their neighbour to be evicted now, and if so will that be listened to?” Collins asked.

Twyford said his view had always been that HNZ had an obligation to be both a good landlord and a good neighbour and sometimes that would involve moving tenants on.

“Anti-social behaviour should not be tolerated in Housing NZ tenants, or in any tenants or in any neighbours,” Twyford said.

Collins asked where the tenants would go, to which Twyford replied they would “have to go somewhere.”

“That’s why HNZ’s?policy tries to strike a balance between responsibility and being a good neighbour and sustaining tenancies. No-one is suggesting that is an easy tension to manage.”

McKenzie, HNZ’s boss, said the objective was to keep tenants in their homes if at all possible, and not to simply transfer the problem.

“The circumstances in which we will tell people they can’t live in a house are very rare.”

Collins asked if HNZ sometimes moved “nice neighbours” on instead of the anti-social tenants.

McKenzie said this sometimes was the best option. End quote.

Just like teachers in school where it is easier to move on the victims of bullies than it is to deal with the bullies.

Last week it was Kelvin Davis having to apologise for poor behaviour in select committees.

I wonder if Jacinda Ardern will require apologies from Phil Twyford and Greg O’Connor for their rudeness and petulance on display yesterday?