Nearly half of Goff’s councillors have no confidence in him

Phil Goff has serious trouble now in Auckland Council. Nearly half of his councillors have expressed no confidence in him.

Bernard Orsman at the NZ Herald reports: Quote:

Nearly half of Auckland councillors have penned a letter of no confidence in Mayor Phil Goff.

The Herald understands the letter relates to Goff’s handling of the recent controversy for a new downtown stadium for Auckland and his refusal to give councillors full and open access to a $923,000 report by PwC on the matter.

It is believed the councillors plan to release the letter publicly at midday tomorrow [Today].

Goff said tonight he had not received any letter from councillors, did not know anything about it and could not comment on something he had not seen.

A source said the nine out of 19 councillors who signed the letter are John Watson, Wayne Walker, Greg Sayers, Mike Lee, Cathy Casey, Efeso Collins, Chris Fletcher, Daniel Newman and Sharon Stewart.

Watson, Casey and Collins have asked the Ombudsman to review the decision by Goff to only release the report under strict conditions.?End quote.

Five of those councillors are left-leaning. If Dick Quax hadn’t died it would be ten councillors against Goff. Someone from National needs to go ask Desley Simpson and Linda Cooper why they are supporting a mayor that nearly half of councillors have lost confidence in.?Quote:

Goff played down any possible vote of no confidence in him, saying he had just received unanimous support in glowing terms for his 10-year budget, unlike former Mayor Len Brown’s last 10-year budget, which was passed with a bare majority.

“On what matters to Aucklanders I have received strong support,” he said.?End quote.

Oh dear, comparing yourself to Len Brown isn’t a winning strategy. Goff is deluded if he thinks everything is tickety-boo in council.?Quote:

Goff said he was not particularly concerned about something – the stadium issue – that is an irritant to some people but not critical to what he is setting out to achieve.

The mayor said he believed councillors had had access to the pre-feasibility stadium report, but he had been disappointed from time to time when confidential material was released to other parties.

The letter highlights growing frustration among a group of councillors about Goff’s leadership style, which has been simmering since last December over a minor committee reshuffle.

At the time, he faced a barrage of criticism over the removal of Albany councillor Wayne Walker as deputy chairman of the regulatory committee, to be replaced by deputy mayor Bill Cashmore.

There is a feeling that Goff operates a Cabinet-style A team, marginalising a group of councillors who regularly vote against his initiatives.

Goff denied there was any tension between him and a group of councillors, saying generally he had a very amicable relationship with councillors as a whole and operated an open door policy.

Has there been strong antagonism to the different measures I have proposed, the answer is no, Goff said.

Calls to councillors who signed the letter have gone unanswered. End quote.

Phil Goff is in trouble. If nearly half of your council and most of them are left-wingers, are expressing no confidence in you then his mayoralty is now officially a lame duck mayoralty. All it takes is for a couple of councillors to realise that wedding themselves to Goff isn’t a good re-election strategy and it is all over for him.

If only we had recall elections.