New Zealand’s countdown to submission: Part one

The Ministry of Silly hats. Credit: Boondecker

Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, and usually the?deadliest too. It’s the month when the (false) prophet Mohammed received his first revelation from the angel of light and a new religion was born. Ramadan is a month of fasting to celebrate Islam, and the end of each day a worship service is held, called Iftar, where Muslims break their fast and pray to Allah for the fifth time. Our prime minister, leader of the opposition, the New Zealand police, and the Human Rights Commission?are all joining in this celebration of an ideology with values antithetical to our own.

I’ve written previously about the?dishonesty of the Ahmadis?in NZ?and written a?review of Mohammed’s Koran. If you want to understand Islam, you need to go no further than to read the Koran itself. Ignorance is no excuse, yet it’s likely the one that will be used by our politicians and bureaucrats.

The media has been running a larger volume of Islamic propaganda than normal, such as celebrating NZ’s?first beauty contestant in a hijab,?but the problem of mainstreaming Islamic religious practises?is more deep rooted than that. After all, since Islam has a positive demographic outlook, in addition to the liberal virtue signalling, there are votes to be won and quotas to be filled here.

While the most recent census numbers haven’t been released yet, we know that the Islamic population will be at least 1.5% of NZ’s total population. The majority live in Auckland, making up around 3% of the city’s population.?Thanks to multiculturalism, ethno-religious?groups?tend to ghettoise, so, for instance,?Mt Roskill is at least 6% Muslim, with some areas at?13%, such as Wesley and others at 18% like Walmsley.

That data is now many years out-of-date and we’ll have to wait for the 2018 census data for new numbers.?Muslims are one of a very few groups with a positive demographic outlook, with Islam being the?fastest growing religion in the world.

The New Zealand Police have to take these demographic changes into account as one of their?core values?is?a commitment to diversity and “reflecting” the communities they serve. That takes official importance over things like solving crime and burglaries, which are not part of their “values”.

You won’t find any of the following photos or videos on the social media accounts of any of the listed individuals and organisations, but you will find them happily displayed across the social media of various mosques.

Police Join Ramadan


The photo starts off with an unintentional irony:?Superintendent Jill Rogers incorrectly wearing a hijab while wearing a white ribbon pin. Showing your hair is appropriately followed by a beating in most Islamic traditions. Muslims won’t be offended though, she’s showing submission which is the most important part. The details can come later.

It’s a historic first, and Imam Alhaji Molvi Abdul Shafeez sums up its importance: Quote:

This is a milestone achievement. It’s just like a bridge binding two ends together – one side is the muslim community and the other is the law of the land. End quote.

The joining of the Muslim community and the law of the land is commonly known as Sharia law. The end result is Islamic religio-cultural practises enshrined in the legal system.

Inspector Naila Hassan, a high-ranking policewoman,?claims she hid her religion?from her colleagues for two decades. You’d think the hijab would have given it away. “She doesn’t wear a hijab” you say? But if Muslimas like Naila don’t need to wear one, then why are infidels like Jill and Jacinda putting them on?

To be continued…


by Dieuwe de Boer