New Zealand’s Marxist government is not all that surprising

Credit: Luke

The installation of the Winston Peters?s selected Marxist government is not all that surprising, as New Zealand is rapidly catching up with the international ‘group think’ and ?generations of gradual Marxist feminist indoctrination? perpetrated since the 1950s. I listened to Lindsay Perigo on Whaleoil confirming the intended degradation of human rights being inflicted upon us through the UN via the NZ Human Rights Commission, and since I am an old white man, he inspired me to attempt a contribution post while the going is still good.

Back in 1951 the practice of calling some third world countries ‘primitive’ was said to be a form of prejudice, but the idea that mankind had progressed from primitive to enlightened was held to be ‘colonial bigotry’.

The very moment that UNESCO promised to open a new chapter in human history by saying that Western enlightenment is bad, the advance of the values of enlightenment went into reverse gear under the banner of?socialist progressive?thought.

As propagated by UNESCO, ?Our third world cultures are viewed as not equal to the west, but in fact superior by virtue of the fact that they are less advanced?.

French sociologists of the sixties combined anthropological theories with feminist Marxism to promote the insight that primitive societies were the vanguard of progress.

Inspired by the anthropologist Bachofen who stated, ?the patriarchal societies had in fact turned our balanced communion with nature on its head, by destroying the matriarchal societies that had preceded them?: feminists (such as Marilyn French, in the 70s and 80s) seized upon the premise that ‘women surely once presided over a world of compassionate nature worshipping matriarchs.’

Additionally, they pushed the idea that all men are rapists physically and mentally. Those ideas along with other falsities became integrated into feminist socialist orthodoxy.?Said theories have been used to misrepresent the facts of societal sexual organisation while undermining Western traditional family values by disturbing and manipulating the natural essential balance between the sexes.

Over the last sixty years, male attributes and their achievements have been slowly denigrated by feminists to sabotage the importance of the male role within the structure of our western society, while western women do now enjoy equal rights and opportunity.?Today many question why feminists are mostly silent over the malevolent subjugation of women by Islamic sharia societies that are infiltrating, spreading and taking over and abusing women in Western countries.

Back in the 1960s American anarchists and Marxists took advantage of the growth of consumer society to generate enough ‘material guilt’ and ‘surplus conscience’ to fixate on an appropriate capitalist scapegoat.

Herbert Marcuse merged environmental concerns with Marxism by the propagation of an emergence of a counterculture, the 60s revolutionary music, liberal sexual behaviour and gay liberation, brotherhood of mankind and the celebration of previously marginalized people, with their differing lifestyles. The green agenda was also promoted as a progression of a new class struggle.

Ironically the founder of Greenpeace Dr. Patrick Moore later said in the 80s that after the failure of world communism, the neo-Marxists used the green agenda to camouflage anti-capitalist and anti-democracy agendas rather than only address the science of ecology.

At the same time, Judeo-Christian values were continually attacked by subjective thinking, the occult, denigration of the family unit, moral relativism, and a general undermining of Western culture and family values. Political correctness encapsulating ‘a wide fishing limit” became?a common preoccupation used as another weapon to the detriment of post-colonial Britain and the West.

The concept of a majority culture intrinsic to their national identity was deemed to be racist.

Multiculturalism and trans-nationalism eliminating country borders has evolved to become a mainstream progressive agenda by creating the perception that an independent country?s nationalism and sovereignty creates prejudice, fear, war, poverty and suffering; therefore, the way to progressively evolve was to transfer sovereign legitimacy to transnational institutions such as the United Nations and the European Union. These transnational institutions are opposed to democracy and national identity, their existence is entirely dependent on participating counties’ fiscal, trade and political subservience. Such ‘unions’ diminish the individual member country’s sovereignty, replacing nationhood and democracy with totalitarianism.

Multiculturalism does not mean tolerating all cultures: multiculturalism means not tolerating the majority culture.

The ongoing attempt to separate cultures in New Zealand by modifying the Treaty of Waitangi with cultural apartheid manipulation is inherently interwoven within the fabric of the globalist?United Nations totalitarian agenda. Ironically it is the Maori themselves who may be left behind when other cultures welcomed into New Zealand multiply and claim more rights.

Truth also takes a battering under ‘multiculturalism’ with the socialist “fourth arm” the mainstream media assisted by the Marxist educators, who propagate the internationally driven myth that Nationhood is evil, and multiculturalism is good.

The Tommy Robinson arrest, Hamas terrorists favoured over democratic Israel, and the Swedish authorities insisting Swedes surrender their National identity to Islam and Sharia law are only some of the ramifications of the successful creep of totalitarianism.

New Zealand is rapidly catching up with the international ‘group think’ and ?generations of gradual Marxist feminist indoctrination? perpetrated for decades.

But perhaps we can take some heart that after almost 70 years of Marxists slowly eroding our western values, culture, identity and nationhood, that ?the worm is starting to turn? with some counties overwhelmingly voting against the European Union.

Perhaps somewhere young people in other Nations, and perhaps, yes even here, are rebelling against the leftist dogma, as they protested in the 60s, but now are hopefully thinking for themselves and asking, what about reason and common sense? Why are we losing freedom? What?s wrong with a democracy and taking pride in our culture instead of having to adopt another? Why shouldn’t we put our country, our destiny, free speech and our own people first? Optimism still reigns.

Alas, one must wonder if the New Zealand voter?s affluence, political ignorance, white guilt, green party identity naivet? coupled with misguided surplus conscience or just general apathy are integral reasons why we have New Zealand socialist governments in power both at local and federal levels.

Now that the New Zealand government?s decisions are reportedly starting to be made without cabinet due diligence, hard times will start to bite into our New Zealand lifestyle and bank balances.

When personal freedoms are eroded, while certain MPs and party members are excused from legal prosecution, how and when can the socialist government be thrown out of power, and the MMP rules upgraded so the tail can?t wag the dog ever again?

We all know it takes a long time of endeavour and bloody hard work for a country to create a fair ?economic growth system? that works well and benefits most people. We had that system; nothing is perfect, but still, New Zealand was only just last year, one of the leaders of the worldwide economic and ?general wellbeing? KPI performers.

We have distinctly seen in other socialist counties that it takes very little effort for hard-line socialists to tear down and destroy a functional viable economy, particularly when they only have activist goals and no plan for the future of our nation (well perhaps just a plan for themselves).

Over the decades we as a culture have made too many incremental concessions. It is time to acknowledge that once we have lost freedom and prosperity it is very difficult to resurrect it.

How long can we wait? Until the next election? By then will we be too late?


Max Sky

Retired from business, not retired from life.