No howls of outrage as another Labour MP shows his male privilege

Labour MPs have patted, mauled and touched Judith Collins on television, now one MP has called her a “rude woman” in a select committee.

There have been no howls of outrage from media, other politicians, or even the speaker who took exception to an imaginary comment about the prime minister being a silly little girl.

It seems that if the target is a National woman then it is no holds barred: Quote:

National’s Judith Collins has?attacked Housing Minister Phil Twyford and Housing NZ (HNZ)?repeatedly over “anti-social” tenants scaring off “nice neighbours”.

Twyford was in the Social Services select committee on Tuesday discussing Budget 2018’s housing spend.

But Collins, National’s housing spokeswoman, took the opportunity to focus on HNZ’s approach to problematic tenants, at one point asking HNZ chief executive Andrew McKenzie if had ever lived beside?a gang member. He had.

Collins asserted that Twyford’s pause of tenancy review and what she described as “no-eviction” policy had led to a sky-high waiting list.

The interrupting and bickering between Twyford and Collins escalated to a level where Labour’s Greg O’Connor?described Collins as a “rude woman” without reply or censure. End quote.

Not a mutter or a murmur, just this small mention from Henry Cooke at Stuff.

Labour it seems is rather handsy with Judith Collins and now they have resorted to sexist taunts in select committees. Where is Labour’s leadership?

Why does it appear to be alright for Labour men to man-handle and attack Judith Collins?

This latest incident took place in a select committee, surely the speaker will take some action like he did on his hearing the prime minister called a “silly little girl”.

Labour needs to check their male privilege, they are supposed to be from the party that lives and breathes equality.

Greg O’Connor now joins the growing list of Labour males showing their condescending and sexist attitude towards women in parliament.