No, it’s not ‘reverse racism’: it’s just racism

Caption: This very white girl should ban herself from her own racially-segregated performance piece.

YouTuber Derrick ?Some Black Guy? Blackman has observed that ?people who claim to be anti-racist end up being extremely racist?. As if to prove his point, a Melbourne university student has cobbled together a ?performance? piece that deliberately segregates the audience based on identity politics. Something even the U.S. South gave up over fifty years ago.? Quote:

Isabella Wh?whai Mason?a 20-year-old student and dancer at the Victoria College of the Arts, has created a show that asks people to ?process their positionality in a colonial state and in a world where whiteness is privileged?. End of quote.

What that salad of leftist buzzwords adds up to is ? a load of bollocks, really. Australia is not a ?colonial state?. ?Whiteness? is not ?privileged?. As Thomas Sowell has said, the leftist dogma that the success of some groups relative to others is ipso facto the result of some ?privilege? is falsified by the ?cold fact? that ?there has been little correlation between the degree of discrimination in history and the economic results today?.

Like the pursuit of kulaks by the Communists, ?white privilege? is hateful identity politics which seeks to punish one group and excuse the failings of others.

At Ms Mason?s segregated racism show, certain groups are genuinely privileged by being ushered into the theatre, based entirely on racial identity. There?s a name for that: segregation. Quote:

Outside the theatre, the remaining group, made up entirely of white or people of European descent, are left in the foyer to watch a second show?Performers there speak about the history of colonisation in Australia before talking about how their own ?whiteness? has given them privilege. End of quote.

Oh, joy. Being brow-beaten by self-flagellating millennial soy-tots. I could think of few things I?d rather endure. Root-canal surgery perhaps? But based on both criteria, the extremely pale and European-descended Ms Mason would be excluded from her own performance. Quote:

?White people are more likely to have their name pronounced correctly, they?re more often represented in media, academia, theatre, they often see white people as active role models,? Ms Mason said. End of quote.

This ignorant bint has presumably never had to repeat her name to, say, a Japanese speaker. To prove her own non-privilege, let?s hear her manage Khoisan click-languages. Newsflash: people from some language backgrounds sometimes have difficulty managing unfamiliar sounds. My very white Polish mate is resigned to the fact that no-one can pronounce his name properly.

As for ?representation?, the predominance of Asian characters has never stopped my kids from watching their favourite anime. Rapper Eric July bluntly states, ?I’ve never looked at a comic book or a video game and said ?I can’t enjoy this because the person doesn’t look like me. I’m not represented?. That shit is for losers?. Quote:

Ms Mason said her performance ritual is an important step in starting to have a conversation about racism in Australia and said ?no one feels safe? discussing it. End of quote.

On the contrary, the left just can?t stop yapping about it.

But speaking of privilege: Quote:

Ms Mason said her detractors were forgetting she too has paid thousands for her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

?I am paying thousands for this course and I?m paying thousands to make this work,? she said. End of quote.

Anyone who can flush thousands down the sinkhole of a Fine Arts degree at a prestigious Melbourne University is one of the most privileged human beings on the face of the planet. Quote:

Ms Mason said she was ?insulted? that people thought Where We Stand was reverse racism.

?The literal definition of racism refers to the discrimination against minorities. White people are not a minority here meaning reverse racism is not a thing,? she said. End of quote.

That?s not the ?literal? definition of racism. Apparently an expensive degree at Melbourne uni doesn?t include access to the Oxford dictionary, otherwise, this pale, precious princess might learn that racism is: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

But she?s right about one thing: her hypocritical, racially-segregated performance is not ?reverse racism?. It?s just racism.