NZ First ain’t going to budge on ‘three strikes’

Andrew Little was putting on a brave face yesterday, suggesting that NZ First might consider reform of ‘three strikes’ as part of a total justice reform package.

That apparently isn’ the case and Little’s twinkle-toed dancing around the issue in an attempt to save face isn’t helping him. Quote:

NZ First is expected to make it clear it won’t support a three strikes repeal being considered as part of any wider justice reform after caucus meets on Tuesday.

Justice Minister Andrew Little was forced to backtrack?on the proposed repeal that he was planning to take to Cabinet on Monday after NZ First indicated it wouldn’t support it.

In a press conference on Monday morning?Little tried to leave the door open on three strikes being repealed in the future, saying NZ First didn’t support a “piecemeal” approach?and wanted to see the total justice reform package.

However, it’s understood NZ First MPs have been working on this issue for weeks. The caucus has no plans to budge on its long-held view of being tough on law and order after seeking feedback from its voter base.? ??

That position?is expected to be made clear?after?caucus meets?at Parliament on Tuesday.

The planned repeal was supposed to be the first in a raft of widespread law and order reforms, in an effort to overhaul the criminal?justice system and reduce the prison population.

But Labour had failed to get past the first hurdle, in what National Party leader Simon Bridges calls “an embarrassing backdown”.

NZ First leader Winston Peters said the party would reveal its long-term position on three-strikes following its caucus meeting on Tuesday.

“The caucus looks forward to working with him on achieving a balanced reform package,” Peters said. End quote.

NZ First will not budge. They have seen the polls, they’ve polled themselves and they’ve had direct feedback that shows that supporting removal of ‘three strikes’ will ensure utter destruction at the next election.

This is nothing short of embarrassing for Andrew Little, and Winston Peters flexing his muscles ahead of taking over as PM shortly.

Make no mistake, Andrew Little has been humiliated.