Parasites getting under your skin?

A parasite is an organism that has an unhealthy relationship with another living creature.? It survives by sucking the life out of an unknowing host, weakening, spreading disease and sometimes killing it.

The Tongue-Eating Parasite NOVA website

In contrast, a healthy relationship such as that between our government and other entities like local government, business, stakeholders and even its own coalition partners, could be described as symbiotic, where entities peacefully co-exist, enjoying mutual benefit and growth, and where one does not, accidentally or purposefully, destroy another.? Wouldn’t that be great?

You would think that having the Green Party’s influence in government would be an asset in considering the environment when making economic decisions, and vice versa, but you’d be dead wrong because the Greens are too blinkered to consider little except their own agenda.

The decision to totally eradicate M Bovis dovetailed far too easily into the Green’s agenda to reduce cow numbers.

We all know they hate mining. Bam! They just sucked the life out of oil and gas exploration in Taranaki and put the kibosh on the Te Kuha coal mine in the South Island.??The subsequent loss of regional income and employment and increase in expensive imported products are the results of these ill considered decisions.

Let’s not pretend we won’t need oil, gas or coal, because we do. We simply do not have sufficient clean fuel alternatives. No one has even quantified the cost of this change.? The government though can pat itself on the back for making these populist, emotive and dismal decisions.

And now for the Green Party inconsistency from Eugenie Sage that confused us all, including her own party. Sage approved the expansion of a Chinese water bottling plant near Whakatane.??She had to be aware of the howls of protest when the government virtually gave away a valuable resource in Christchurch, so she really takes the biscuit by expanding operations.

But it’s not just the Greens who are exhibiting parasitical behaviour.

Shane Jones wants to plant a billion trees over the next 10 years without considering the environmental effect of ‘slash’, timber processing or vehicular access for forestry operations.? Tolaga Bay residents are up in arms over extensive damage following heavy rains, which is a problem that has been going on for a decade.

Any sane, sensible person would expect the Greens to offer some sage advice on the effects on the environment following Jones’ announcements of his plans.??Nope, not a peep from them.??Which goes to show that you can’t expect a symbiotic relationship from parasites. They want to stay in power regardless of the cost to the host.

Then there’s good ol’ Phil with his promise of 10,000 affordable new-builds a year.? There will be none built this year so Phil is out buying houses already underway.? The net result is zero increase in the total number of affordable houses currently being built this year.??Builders will be laughing all the way to the bank, (at taxpayer expense of course).?? Taxpayers are not laughing at the huge cost of setting up Kiwibuild with nothing to show for it.? It’s more of our money down the drain.

This government is adept at parasitical relationships, especially within its own coalition.

In an ideal world, coalition members would know and protect the strengths of its members, but what we have here is a government destroying itself, and others.??More from stupidity, it appears, than on purpose.