“Peace” Uni’s love-affair with anti-Semitic terrorists

Caption: It’s exactly this sort of peaceful image that promotes Sydney University so well

The University of Sydney fancies itself as the University of Peace: which perhaps goes some way to explaining its bromance with the so-called Religion of Peace. The University of Sydney also pullulates with perhaps more than the average academic quotient of bien pensant leftists. Which perhaps explains its notable hostility to Jews.

Sydney University is also home to the somewhat laughably named ?Sydney Peace Foundation? whose members occasionally take time out from organising violent demonstrations, blackballing Jewish academics and waving money at old Jewish ladies, to award their annual ?Peace Prize?. Recipients are naturally the usual roll-call of leftist darlings, spiced with the occasional accused anti-Semite or violent race-hate group. The Sydney ?Peace Foundation? also is also prominent in the anti-Israel BDS movement. In 2014 one of its prominent members, an emeritus professor no less, hobnobbed with a leader of the violently anti-Jewish terrorist group Hamas.

Can?t you just feel the peace?

Aping the conduct of their academic superiors, students at Sydney University have upped the Jew-hating stakes by glorifying a murderous, anti-Semitic terrorist on the cover of its student newspaper. Quote:

Last week?s cover of Honi Soit, a special issue produced by the university?s Student Representative Council (SRC) ?Wom*n?s Collective?, featured Hamida al-Taher, who carried out a suicide attack against Israeli and Southern Lebanese Army soldiers in Southern Lebanon in 1985.

The editorial described al-Taher as ?a Lebanese martyr of the institution of Israeli colonisation?, while an article on Netta Barzilai?s Eurovision victory contained slurs about Israel ?violently oppressing? the Palestinians and claimed Israel was ?not even a real country?. End of quote.

Jewish students and The University of Sydney are not surprisingly feeling a tad concerned about a Jew-killer being lionised by their fellow students. Quote:

Responding to the cover and to one from April ? produced by the university?s Queer Action Collective picturing a Molotov cocktail ? the Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) said it had received complaints from several Jewish students ?expressing their acute distress? over the student newspaper?s ?idealisation and legitimisation of violence?. End of quote.

Of course, the kiddies respond with the standard leftist apologetics that they?ve learned at their professors? knees. Quote:

Women?s officers Madeline Ward and Jessica Syed, who produced the al-Tahir cover, defended their choice in an online Honi Soit article on Tuesday, saying, ?We were aware that Hamida al-Taher car-bombed an Israeli military encampment ? [but] her actions occurred in the context of the Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon ? End of quote.

Just to prove there?s no show without Punch, the suicidally Islamophile ?Queer? activists joined the feminists in their love-in with the brutally misogynist and anti-gay Jew-haters. Quote:

?Queer Action Collective officers Jazzlyn Breen and Ray Prout defended the Molotov cocktail cover and accused AUJS of hypocrisy. ?AUJS is a zionist [sic] organisation, who openly support the state of Israel, and thus the actions of the state against Palestine,? they said. End of quote.

Caption: The sheet will handily double as a parachute when hir Hamas pals chuck xee from the rooftops

A recent study showed that up to one-third of college students in America complete their degrees with no measurable improvement in their critical reasoning ability. If the inane arguments offered by The University of Sydney tots is any indication, the proportion of non-thinkers would seem likely to be much higher within the sandstone halls of Sydney. Quote:

Hamida?s actions are far less shocking than the fact Israel murdered over 58 peaceful Palestinian protesters, the youngest of which being an eight-month-old baby,? they continued, omitting that Hamas itself has removed the baby ? who was thought to have a heart defect ? from its own list of those killed in the recent Gaza border clashes, that the protests were not peaceful as those involved were intent on breaching the border and had been urged to kill and kidnap Israelis on the other side, and that most of the fatalities were members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. End of quote.

Hamas is a terrorist organisation. The ?peaceful protesters? were armed and violent. The Israeli Defence Force is the legitimate security arm of a nation-state defending its borders. Claiming that the first has some moral superiority over the second doesn?t bode well for these youngsters? critical faculties. Quote:

AUJS political affairs director Noa Bloch told The AJN, ?It is deeply concerning that instead of responding to AUJS?s concern, the president and women?s officers justified the glorification of violence in Honi Soit?Executive Council of Australian Jewry co-CEO Alex Ryvchin said that in running the al-Taher image, ?the paper has glorified violence, murder, suicide and war?This is an ugly turn into overt racism and leaves little doubt that the use of the image was intended to endorse or incite violence.? End of quote.

Get used to it, fellas. From Corbyn?s Labour party to the Greens, to Sydney University, the left has thrown the Jews under the bus of their infatuation with Islamic extremism and violent ant-Semitism.