Phil Goff is on a witch-hunt now

Phil Goff’s doctrinaire approach continues as he seeks to identify who is leaking information to media: Quote:

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has admitted he’s not quite sure who is leaking sensitive information from the council.

Concern over leaks reached fever pitch on Tuesday after it was revealed nine councillors signed a letter of “extreme dissatisfaction” with the Mayor.

The councillors cited concerns around bullying, as well as the refusal to fully release a $923,000 report into a downtown stadium.

Even after Mr Goff was forced by the Ombudsman to release the report, the councillors claim the copies emailed to them were “so heavily redacted so as to make the value of these documents in such a heavily censored form, questionable to say the least”.

The councillors have now publicly questioned why Mr Goff didn’t share copies of the reports to them for over a year. Two complaints over the report are currently before the Ombudsman.

Mr Goff told Newshub Nation he has given councillors a full copy of the report to read in their office, but would not be sending any copies electronically due to concerns around leaks.

“Too often in the past when I’ve sent something out that’s confidential it’s been in the public arena within minutes,” he said.

He said if he had an idea of who was doing it he would be confronting the person responsible, but he can’t because they’re doing it anonymously.

I would [address it] if I knew and had evidence about the person that was leaking those documents, you may in the media because you receive the leaks but I don’t,” he said.

If I had evidence of the person who leaked then I would be confronting that person right now on it and rightly so.End quote.

And do what Phil? Threaten them?

Sources inside the mayors office say that they suspect it is one of their colleagues who is trying to ratfuck senior people to get a promotion when they are sacked.

Phil Goff is struggling, and he knows it. He is obfuscating like he did when the Darren Hughes issues reared its head and like he did when he was leader of the opposition.