Pinch me: UN condemns terrorists for using human shields

Palestinian terrorists use a child as a human shield in Gaza. (screenshot)

The United Nations is one of the most ineffective, useless and not fit for purpose international groups. It is a huge waste of money that has been taken over by countries with terrible human rights records. They are infamous for spending most of their time condemning?and censoring the only true democracy in the Middle East while ignoring real crimes against humanity going on amongst their other member countries. In fact, it is so bad that they have voted to put in charge?of their Human rights and Women’s rights committees and groups the countries least suited to head them. Their actions are the equivalent of putting a rapist in charge of rape victim counselling and a wife beater in charge of domestic abuse services. It would be a sick joke if it wasn’t in fact reality.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Hayley has repeatedly (and quite rightly)? taken the United Nations to task for their extreme bias and unjust treatment and for turning a blind eye to the actions of Palestinian terrorist groups.

A week ago the?US withdrew from the?United Nations?human rights council, calling it a ?cesspool of political bias? that targets Israel in particular while ignoring atrocities in other countries.

Now all of a sudden for the first time ever! The United Nations has come out condemning terrorist groups for using human shields. Co-incidence? I think not.

President Trump has shown already that he is not afraid to take away funding from countries and organisations that are not prepared to act responsibly and reasonably. He has frozen aid to the Palestinian Authority until they:

  1. terminate?their payments to terrorists,
  2. revoke laws authorizing this compensation,
  3. take??credible steps? to end Palestinian terrorism,
  4. Publicly condemn?and investigate these acts of violence.

I wonder if the United Nations who rely heavily on funds from the US are realising that Trump may pull funding altogether if they don’t at least pretend to do the job that they were designed to do? Quote.

In a first for the UN General Assembly, the international body amended the Global Counter Terrorism Strategy on Tuesday to specifically denounce the use of civilians as human shields.

[…] Israel?s Mission to the UN in cooperation with the United States Mission was instrumental in advocating the resolution, which denounces the misuse of ?schools and hospitals, for military purposes such as launching attacks and storing weapons? and strongly condemns the use of ?civilians to shield military objectives from attacks.?

Israel?s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon commented on the resolution, calling it ?another important step in our efforts [to] change the rules of the game at the UN.? End of quote.

This is what can be achieved when Israel finally has a true ally?in the United States. Trump’s America is a powerful friend and his willingness to talk quietly and to wave a big stick is getting results. Quote:

For almost three months, Gaza-based terrorists have exploited the Hamas-orchestrated ?March of Return? riots along Israel?s border, which use a combination of terror group operatives and civilian human shields in an attempt to breach Israeli territory.

The Hamas terror group has a long history of?using human shields, including young children, in addition to storing weapons in UN schools and facilities, going so far as to launch rockets from high-density civilian locations.

[…] Danon commented […] today?s resolution explicitly?condemned terrorists for the despicable double war crime?of hiding behind women and children while attacking civilians.?

?There is much work to be done, but this milestone accomplishment brings us closer to the day when the UN will focus on truly bringing security and stability to the world,? Ambassador Danon continued. End of quote.