Police spokesperson’s response to Whaleoil’s request for comment

Counties Manukau police host non-diverse ‘diversity’ ramadan dinner Photo: indiannewslink.co.nz

Yesterday I sent the below e-mail to the New Zealand police.

Good afternoon

today we?revealed?that a disgraced Imam Mohammad Anwar Sahib was included in the guest list of the recent Ramadan dinner at the Counties Manukau police station.

As stated in our article he lost his position as secretary of FIANZ when we revealed that he had stated on video that?Jews are the enemy?and that?women shouldn?t leave the house without their husband?s permission.?These are comments that he has not apologised for.

Tomorrow we will be revealing another controversial thing that he has said on video?which is likely to upset the New Zealand Shia Muslim community.

Do the police think that it was a mistake to include Sahib on their guest list and were they aware of his history when they invited him?

Do the police have any other comment to make on the situation?

The above screenshot is from a Facebook video that shows Mr Rakesh Naidoo who is New Zealand Police Inspector on secondment to the Human Rights Commision with disgraced Imam Dr Anwar Sahib. Both men were welcomed to the non-diverse ‘diversity dinner’ held by Counties Manukau Police last week.

A Police spokesperson’s response to Whaleoil’s request for comment is below.

Counties Manukau Police hosted the Ramadan event last week to foster better understanding of our growing Muslim community and to embrace the diverse communities that make up our society, with diversity being a core value of NZ Police.

The Ramadan Iftar ceremony was an inclusive event and invitations were given out to all Islamic centres and Muslim organisations in our District, along with a number of service providers and race relations officials. The invited organisations chose their own representatives to attend the event on their behalf.

One of the purposes of the event is to strengthen relationships with the invited organisations and our Muslim community. We had around 140 members from our Muslim community attending the event and we have been inundated with positive feedback as a result of this event, which was the first of its kind held by NZ Police.