Politics, Leb style

Caption: Australian politics in 2018: Gangs of Muslim thugs using violent standover tactics to assert control of branches

They do things differently in New South Wales. This is the home ground of the notorious ?New South Wales Right? faction of the Labor Party, and jailed Labor power-broker Eddie Obeid. New South Wales politics has long been associated with the sort of corruption that makes Tammany Hall look like the Ladies Temperance Union.

Not even the Liberals are immune to the New South Wales disease. When certain ethno-religious communities get involved, mayhem often follows. Back in the 90s, it was widely reported that a gun was pulled at a violent branch meeting in Sydney?s west. Now Sydney Muslims have turned another branch meeting into an all-out brawl. Quote:

A New South Wales Liberal Party branch meeting has ended in a brawl which is now being investigated by police.

Tables and chairs were used as weapons as the ugly fight spilled out of Naji?s cafe at Arncliffe in Sydney?s south, and onto the street just before 7pm. End of quote.

According to sources, the branch was meeting to vote on admitting another branch, in what amounted to a takeover by a Muslim-controlled faction. The Lebs made sure of it. Quote:

Liberal Party member ?John? was there to attend the meeting and tells Alan Jones it was a ?religious war?.

?It was an absolute disgrace, it was basically thuggery?it turned into a religious war between Christians and Muslims.? End of quote.

The Muslim faction had formed a human wall blocking anyone who wasn?t with them from getting in to vote. When an old lady asked them to let her through, things got very ugly. Quote:

?There was an elderly woman that was punched, they were thrown to the ground. There were children there that were obviously traumatised.? End of quote.

When a Coptic Christian intervened on the old lady?s behalf, he was beaten to a pulp by the Muslim gang. Witnesses had their phones smashed by the thugs. Quote:

?Muslims attacked one Christian guy, there was about 10 of them. Got him to the ground, stomped on his head, got chairs, smashed him across the head, kicking him, table across his head?Some of [them]?were saying f*** off Christians, f*** Coptic dogs. They were there not to vote, they were there to intimidate.? End of quote.

And intimidate they did. Having bashed and frightened off everyone else, the Muslims triumphantly voted to let themselves take over the branch. Quote:

?While we were outside with the police, discussing what had happened, that?s when they quickly went inside and they voted. We were not allowed to go in at all.?

?It feels like [a Muslim takeover of the branch]?

?One side was Christian. The other side were Muslim. The Muslim side weren?t coming there to vote: it was thuggery.? End of quote.

It?s easy enough to wave this away as just another eruption of seedy New South Wales politics, but it seems that there might be a lesson here if anyone cares to learn from it.