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Gov. Spitzer resigns in wake of prostitution scandal

According to A Newspaper New Zealand sex workers have written an open letter to the government asking for the election of a Minister of Prostitution. […]? (Just as well that sentence wasn’t spoken in a Japanese voice, or the letter written in French.)

Imagine the ‘fact finding missions’ the Minister would need to undertake.

Think of all the ‘working parties’ the Minister would need to attend.

Would the Minister need diplomatic protection or would ordinary protection be OK?

The logo designers for the new department could have a ball, but would you really want ‘Minister of Prostitution’ on your CV? It would hardly be the climax of one’s career, would it? Quote.

The letter by Hamilton sex worker Lisa Lewis carries 25 other names, including male escort Connor Green, Dunedin escort Dahlia Cypher and supporters. […]

“There is a Minister for many industries within NZ Government… I suggest an election to who wants to stand and the opportunity for tax payers to vote the Minister of Prostitution to oversee the future and transparency in the industry,” Lewis said in the letter. End of quote.

I don’t recall voting for the Minister of Transport (certainly would not have voted for the one we got) or the Minister of Finance (ditto) or even the Prime Minister (either of them) so why would the voting public want to vote for a Minister of Prostitution??Quote.

“Prostitution needs to be governed in New Zealand. If there is a legislation, there should be a Minister.” End of quote.

Ummm… there is. The Prostitution Reform Act 2003 is administered by the Minister of Justice. Where is the problem? Quote.

The letter claimed migrants coming on temporary visas to work as prostitutes were “taking money off legal sex workers, not paying tax and going home with the money”. End of quote.

So the Income Tax Act 2007, administered by the Minister of Revenue, is now involved. Quote.

Although New Zealanders are able to work as prostitutes since 2003, it is illegal for people on temporary visas to do sex work. […]End of quote.

That adds the Minister of Immigration to the mix, we now have a threesome.Quote.

The New Zealand Prostitutes Collective gets $1,099,944 excluding GST annually through the Ministry of Health for funding of services to sex workers, including those unlawfully in New Zealand. […] End of quote.

So the Minister of Health joins in to make a foursome, this is quite an event!??Quote.

NZPC’s Dame Catherine Healy said the collective was against law that discriminated against sex workers and which impacted harmfully on the occupational safety and health and human rights of sex workers. […] End of quote.

Good grief, now we have the?Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, administered by the Minister of Business, Innovation, and Employment, in play.

And yet we still need another participant, the?Minister of Prostitution. It is a veritable orgy!