Ramadan NZ police dinner has nothing to do with ‘diversity’


The New Zealand Police will hold their first ever Ramadan dinner ceremony on June 7th at the Counties Manukau station in Auckland. This is the first time ever that a ‘diversity?dinner’ has been held on police premises. They have stated that the reason that they are holding it is to ‘celebrate diversity.’

I have the following impertinent?questions to ask the New Zealand police in Manukau

  1. Why the need all of a sudden to hold a diversity dinner?
  2. Why was this ‘diverse dinner’ not diverse, i.e. it only included one identity group?
  3. How can you justify singling out one identity group over every other for special treatment?
  4. Does this dinner have a hidden agenda and if so what is it?

The Muslim celebration?of Ramadan around the world is known for massive spikes in violence and terror attacks. It is considered the most dangerous?celebration?on the Muslim?calendar. In fact, there are websites that record the statistics each year during what they call the Ramadan bombathon. Quote.


[…] The event signifies togetherness and is being held to promote inclusiveness, celebrate diversity and strengthen relationships and cooperation with the Muslim community.

Constable Satvir Sen said representatives from 14 known Islamic organisations in Counties Manukau had been invited to the event, along with police staff. End of quote.

I wonder if they invited the Islamic organisation that has been excluded from FIANZ despite being trotted out regularly for photo opportunities with government officials? I refer of course to the only truly peaceful and tolerant Muslim group in New Zealand, which is the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

The?Ahmadiyya Muslim community in New Zealand has been excluded?by the intolerant Muslim group members of FIANZ who are the only Muslim groups who get access to all the lucrative Halal certification money in New Zealand.
FIANZ do not recognise?Ahmadiyya Muslims as Muslims. This is not surprising, as Ahmadiyya Muslims are murdered by other Muslim sects all around the world for the crime of being infidels (non-Muslims). Our government rewards FIANZ’s intolerance with buckets of Halal cash, so FIANZ are not going to change their ways anytime soon.

Then again what possible reason would the Manukau police have for inviting?Ahmadiyya Muslims to their non-diverse ‘diversity dinner’? The?Ahmadiyya Muslims are unlikely to be a threat to the safety of non-Muslim New Zealanders.

The only reason the police have singled out this one identity group, in my opinion, is because they are hoping to convince them to tell the police when they notice extremists among them who hate non-Muslims.

It is a bit like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted, though, since our stupid governments both now and previously have allowed Islamic schools and mosques in New Zealand to freely teach from books full of hate for non-Muslims.

Do they really think that non-regulated Islamic education and religious teaching in New Zealand is not going to bear violent fruit towards non-Muslim New Zealanders? The Koran is full of hateful teachings about non-Muslims and especially about Jews. The Koran is prescriptive, not descriptive, which is why it inspires countless terror attacks and the bible does not.?Quote:

Sen said police had been building their contact and relationship within the Muslim community for a number of years, so it was about time an event like this was organised.

“It is a good way to bring the Muslim community together and strengthen our relationship with them.

“It is about getting to know them and building that trust with a community that can be quite mistrusting of police based on their experiences in their home countries,” he said.

“But if we can have open dialogue with these communities, they can learn to trust us and we can build relationships with them and encourage more members of the community to join us.” End of quote.

Great, they want to recruit more Muslim police officers. What a brilliant plan. The British police are already doing that and it has worked out perfectly for them. I can’t see any potential problems with that plan at all. [sarcasm]

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