RNZ can’t afford to fund his ego any more?

John Campbell has bolted from Radio NZ after costing them a truck load of cash in establishing his ego-driven changes to Checkpoint. Sources tell me the changes?? investment in studios and equipment plus an over-inflated salary for Campbell and his team of hangers-on?? cost RNZ a considerable fortune and expended scarce resources: Quote:

So TVNZ have finally got their man.

The news that John Campbell is moving back to television?doesn’t come as a complete surprise.

Not only has he had to cope with losing his old friend?Carol Hirschfeld from Radio New Zealand in dramatic circumstances earlier this year, but the?promised millions for RNZ expansion didn’t quite materialise during May’s budget.

Plus, let’s be honest, the other state broadcaster has been trying to woo him for some time. Last year’s much-maligned?What Next??Series seemed clearly designed to give Campbell the taste back for television. While he’ll be hoping for better sets and less-squeaky floors, his enthusiasm for being back in that kind of environment seemed clear.

After nearly three years of a weekday routine built around?Checkpoint‘s late afternoon-early evening schedule, the promised flexibility must also have been attractive. TVNZ say he’ll have a roving role ??filing stories for the nightly news and?Sunday?and potentially guest presenting everything from?Breakfast,?Seven Sharp, Q&A?and even maybe?1News. It sounds like a beefed-up version of his old political reporting buddy Patrick Gower’s new National Correspondent role over at Mediaworks.?End quote.

This is Campbell’s last hurrah. He’s been at Mediaworks and Radio NZ ? TVNZ is the last-stop saloon. Contrary to his own PR, Campbell is not a big ratings booster. If anything, having him at TVNZ may well drive viewers to Mediaworks because they can’t stand his sanctimonious and oily persona.?Quote:

What it should do is allow him to be able to pick and choose his subjects, projects and causes, just as he sometimes did to magnificent effect on?Campbell Live?earlier in the decade. Campbell, as he has?also shown on?Checkpoint, is at his best and most effective when he has something to get passionate about.?End quote.

We all know what subjects he will pick. Campbell is a hard-core leftist masquerading as the voice of reason, but he tainted himself by cuddling up to a fat German.?Quote:

From TVNZ’s point-of-view, it’s a massive boost to their news brand. Even though he’s been out of the TV spotlight for a while, he still has a massive fan-base and, unlike their most recent current affairs name, is a unifying, rather than polarising figure. Fears that TVNZ’s current affairs coverage was going “too soft”, especially with the appointment at the start of 2018 of “comedian” Jeremy Wells to co-host?Seven Sharp, will be allayed by this latest news and the state broadcaster finally has a name synonymous with political reporting and holding our politicians to account.?End quote.

Spoken like a true media insider. What complete tosh. If he was such a pull surely he would act like some radio hosts and take a cut of advertising revenue. If it goes up he gets paid more; if it slides he gets paid less. He most certainly won’t be paid that way given he is a champagne socialist.?Quote:

It will be interesting to see how his arrival affects existing staff and whether ultimately he ends up attached to one of the broadcaster’s flagship shows ??or even gets his own one. But I don’t think the likes of Wells or Jake Tame should be worried ??at this stage, I suspect the last thing Campbell will want at this stage is to be pigeon-holed into a particular position.

However, his move may also spark major upheavals elsewhere. Radio New Zealand will need to find someone with suitable mana to replace a key figure and even Mediaworks may find themselves having to respond. Campbell might have just given the likes of Duncan Garner ideas. End quote.

John Campbell is a dickhead. People inside Radio NZ hated his sucking of important resources, but the cunning plan of his “good friend” Carol Hirschfeld was to get a Labour government elected and increase funding. All that collapsed when they were busted and Hirschfeld was unceremoniously dumped for her duplicity and deviousness.

The other party in that debacle was the inept and hugely stupid Clare Curran who singularly failed to obtain the increased funding to keep the deeply conceited John Campbell happy in his trough of taxpayer-funded swill.