Rodney Hide on the diversity bandwagon

via RNZ

Rodney Hide highlights how the diversity bandwagon has gone wonky: Quote:

Two recent events should give the useful innocents pumping for boardroom diversity pause for thought.

The first is Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter tweeting in reply to TradeMe founder Sam Morgan. He had tweeted the momentous news that he was now following just 10 fellow tweeters. The minister replied, ?You appear to only be following men. Any comment on why??

Mr Morgan might usefully reply, ?None of your business,? ?I enjoy freedom of association? and ?Who the hell do you think you are??

But none of these responses is available once you have jumped upon the diversity bandwagon. You are hoist by your own petard.

You do need to explain publicly why you are following only men.

The diversity bandwagon opens you and your business up to outside control and direction ? indeed, a minister of the Crown patrolling Twitter demanding a public explanation for why you are not following more women.

It?s too late to claim freedom of association, none of your business, etcetera, if you have already hit the diversity button. End quote.

The cheek of Julie Anne Genter to even tweet that. Sam Morgan is a private citizen and what he does is his own damn business and none of a busy-body know-it-all like Genter. A short three character reply would have been mine: “GFY”. Quote:

The diversity cause should be met with a simple truth. A successful life is about discrimination: It means separating the wheat from the chaff in everything you do and every decision you make.

Successful people are good at it.

That discrimination flies out the window with diversity. It?s then not about wheat or chaff but skin colour, sexual orientation and disabilities.

The focus goes from what should matter to what should not. There is then no wheat, just chaff.

We see that with the likes of Ms Genter. The best use of her Tuesday afternoon as a minister is patrolling Twitter to count how many women Sam Morgan is following.

She?s all chaff and no wheat. It?s the best that she can do. End quote.

And watching her explain away Andrew Little’s dreadful minimisation of indecent assault on a corrections officer was just as appalling.

These ministers are unfit for duty.