Should this be funded by NZ on Air?

Our money paid for this comedy show. Should it? I believe in freedom of speech one hundred percent, and the comedian on this show has every right to be offensive and to tell a joke that isn’t funny and that is mocking a politician. I am only asking whether taxpayers’ money should be funding this kind of comedy.

Imagine if Whaleoil made a joke about abortion or miscarriage that was about Jacinda Ardern. We would quite rightly be condemned yet this government-funded show made a joke about aborting National leader Simon Bridges’s baby.

If it was a commercial station then I would have no problem with it because they will only survive financially if they give their audience what they want. A government-funded?programme, however, can produce content that the majority may not want or like and they will still get funded.

Look at how much money has been given to the Seven Days programme in the past for a once a week show. I am sure that Whaleoil has way more viewers than Seven Days for our?brand of political entertainment but in contrast, we are funded by our readers. Imagine what Whaleoil could produce if we had the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Seven Days receive.

Screenshot: Whaleoil


If what we produce isn’t what our readers like they leave and take their funding with them. Seven Days doesn’t have to be accountable because its existence is not based on commercial reality. They don’t have to please their audience as they do not depend on their audience for revenue.

Whaleoil lost two subscribers a while back when we did a post about shooting feral cats. How much revenue do you think Seven Days would have lost with their aborting Simon Bridges’s baby joke if they were funded directly by their viewers like Whaleoil is?