Subaru Legacy

Justin Lester, aka Celia Wade-Brown in drag, not content with getting rid of Wellington’s annual Guy Fawke’s event, has now decided that the annual Queen’s Birthday celebration should be scrapped as well, in favour of a public holiday for Matariki. This from?Stuff?Quote:

A Wellington MP and the city’s Mayor are?throwing their weight behind calls for Matariki to become a public holiday.

Mayor Justin Lester suggests the M?ori?New Year could replace the Queen’s Birthday holiday, which was not meaningful for many?who saw it as just?a?day off. End quote.

And a public holiday for Matariki will be… just another day off. Quote:

He is being supported by Rongotai MP Paul Eagle?who wants to “reignite the debate”‘ and is seeking advice on putting up a Member’s Bill. End quote.

Well, surprise, surprise. Lester and Eagle. Batman and Robin, at it again, trying to ram Maoridom down the throats of people who are, by and large, not interested. Quote:

A Member’s?Bill was put up by the M?ori Party in 2009 and was supported by Labour but didn’t get past the first reading, losing 63, to 59, Eagle said. End quote.

It will probably go through this time, with all the virtue signalers in parliament these days. Quote:

“It’s a very different time now. Back then people were only getting used to the concept of a?M?ori?New Year but now?it’s part of the fabric of New Zealand. I think people are more ready for it now.” End quote.

Is it? Part of the fabric of what? When is it? Who celebrates it? Why is it distinctly Maori when it is a constellation formation that a large part of the planet can actually see at the same time? Quote:

It was?currently?just an idea but he?believed?the country?could?do?something “uniquely positive” for brand New Zealand. End quote.

Excuse me for repeating myself but, like the Southern Cross, Matariki does not belong to New Zealand alone. It may have a Maori name, but it is not unique to us in any way. Astronomers call it Pleiades. Those little stars on the Subaru logo represent Pleiades, which means the Japanese must know about it too. I never knew that Subaru was a Maori manufactured car. Quote:

New?Zealanders?were ready to discuss national identity and, unlike the flag referendum, it would not come with a $25 million price tag, he said. End quote.

Ah yes. The flag. That was an opportunity to ‘discuss national identity’ but guess what? The majority wanted the old flag retained. So why would this be any different? And as for it not costing $25 million: would you like to bet on that? Quote:

The capital is putting Matariki at the heart of a new month-long winter festival, with $250,000 allocated for the celebrations, which will start on June 15. End quote.

The Queenstown winter festival has exciting things like skiing and snowboarding events. Although very cold in Queenstown at this time of year, so long as you wrap up well, you will be fine. Has anyone ever tried ‘wrapping up’ against the winter weather in Wellington? Driving rain, howling southerlies, a wind chill factor of 5 or 6 degrees… it is like that RIGHT NOW as I write this article. You would be mad to go outside most of the time. Gee. Bring on the winter festival. Anyone got a sou’wester I can borrow? Quote:

Waitangi Day celebrated the signing of the Waitangi Treaty and it was a tragedy there was no public holiday to celebrate M?ori?culture, he said. End quote.

Oh, I just can’t resist this. Waitangi Day is a complete farce, where thugs ruin the event for everyone, and a compliant media go up there year after year and give them encouragement. For most people, this really is just a day off and nothing more, other than a national embarrassment. It could all be so different. We could celebrate our national day the way the Australians do. But we never get the chance, and the last thing we need is another day to ‘celebrate’ in the same way. Quote:

The idea would be supported by some iwi and Wellington would continue to lead the charge on it, he said.

However, he felt a national conversation was important for it to go through the parliamentary process for a law change. End quote.

Let’s hope Louisa Wall has a few more LGBTQI bills that are pulled out first. No one wants this, except Justin Lester and Paul Eagle.