Taxpayers’ Union and David Farrar expose the mendacity of Simon Wilson

Simon Wilson has always been a shill for the left wing. Recently, since tanking Metro and moving to the NZ Herald, he has been acting as the ex-officio press secretary for Phil Goff operating out of the Victoria Street West annex of Phil Goff’s office.

Two days ago, though, he moved from shilling for Phil Goff to shilling for Labour over their regional fuel tax grab.

The Taxpayers’ Union, who have been exposing the tax as regressive, were attacked by Wilson with some supposedly new information that showed the opposite. The only problem was that Simon Wilson himself was exposed for being as big a fool as David ‘Anal’ Fisher.??

David Farrar explains: Quote:

The data is not a reversal of the complaint about the fuel tax. In fact it proves the complaint.? Let?s look at the?definition of regressive: Quote:

(of a tax) taking a proportionally greater amount from those on lower incomes. End quote.

The argument isn?t that lower income households spend more on petrol than higher income households. The argument is that a greater percentage of their income goes on petrol.

For almost every commodity and service (except tobacco) a higher income household consumes more of it, than lower income households. Quote:

In the first year, the average increase for Aucklanders, who will pay both taxes, is $3.80 per week. Decile 1 Aucklanders will pay on average $2.40, for decile 5 the average will be $3.75 and for decile 10 it will be $5.08. End quote.

Now let?s look at the average incomes for each decile

  • Decile 1 ? under $23,900
  • Decile 5 ? $64,400 to $80,199
  • Decile 10 ? over $188,900

So the extra fuel tax as a percentage of income is:

  • Decile 1: 0.52%
  • Decile 5: 0.27%
  • Decile 10: 0.14%

So the article proves the exact opposite of what it claims ? that the increase in fuel tax is regressive as it hits lower income households more.

Sad to see the Herald regurgitate Government spin without any critical analysis.

Also some good analysis from?Econmissive on Twitter?where he points out the data released by the Government includes households that don?t even have a car and what matters is how much households with cars pay. End quote.

Simon Wilson’s articles show no balance; he’s leaning so far left he’s in danger of keeling over.