The dangerous ignorance of millennial leftists

Caption: Marxism has repeatedly led to death and brutality on an unimaginable scale. Not that millennial leftists have a clue

What the left doesn?t know would fill volumes. The empty-headedness of millennials would stock entire libraries. Put together as they so often are, the confluence of leftism and millennials generates a singularity of ignorance that threatens to suck Western liberalism into oblivion.

It would be easy to excuse millennials on the grounds that their education has kept them deliberately in the dark. High school students pass entire history classes without ever learning of the monstrous crimes of the left. A young friend at university, a good socialist naturally, recently asked me, ?Who?s Mao?? But the generation which has grown up with history?s greatest repository of information – the internet – at its fingertips really has no excuse for its continued incomprehension.

The ignorance of millennials has consequences. Surveys have shown that despite being the group most likely to favour socialism, millennials are the least likely to be able to accurately define it. If you?ve ever had a Berniebro lecture you that fire brigades and libraries are ?socialist?, you?ll understand the pain of dealing with millennials? infuriating mix of certainty and callowness. Like their Boomer parents fawning of Che Guevara, ignorant millennials also have a marked fondness for violent leftist dictators. Quote:

a horrifying 23 percent of Americans between ages 21 and 29 believe that Stalin was a ?hero.? Also, 32 percent of millennials hold a favorable view of Karl Marx, slightly down from 34 percent last year?Chances are you have friends who still idealize socialism, communism, and the men who enforced these ideologies with an iron hand. But what they probably don?t realize is the awful truth about these utopian visions of a better world. End of quote.

Even when faced with the brutal truth, leftists try to excuse Marxism?s blood-soaked history by arguing that it ?wasn?t real Marxism?. This is nonsense of course. The seeds of violence are sown deep in Marx and Engel?s utopian rhetoric. Quote:

Marx theorized that society was a struggle between wage laborers and the owners of the means of production, and that the latter were ?class enemies?? After communists seized power in Russia a century ago, in the name of equality, anyone who was too well-off had to be identified and punished?[their] poorer neighbors were encouraged to take away their homes and steel their possessions. End of quote.

The rhetoric of Marxists was indistinguishable from that of the Nazis. The Nazis argued that their extermination of the Jews was a nasty but necessary step towards creating a better world. Communists just swapped ?kulak?, ?class enemy? and ?bourgeoisie? for ?Jew?. Quote:

a devout communist said ?Annihilating the kulaks is a bloody and difficult process, but it has to be done. End of quote.

The Marxists set up vast slave-labour camps dubbed ?the Gulag Archipeligo? in the Soviet Union, and ?collectivised? almost the entire peasantry of China. Tens of millions died. Quote:

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, ?It is estimated that the combination of very long working hours, harsh climatic and other working conditions, inadequate food, and summary executions killed off at least 10 percent of the Gulag?s total prisoner population each year??Agricultural productivity plummeted following the removal of the kulaks and the collectivization of the farms?millions starved to death, some resorting to cannibalism to survive?

In sum, to bring about equality, the communist system imprisoned or killed those who had attained expertise and achieved success?[and] brought about far deeper and more widespread poverty than under capitalism. End of quote.

High-school curricula and Hollywood entertainment, both dominated by the left, whether state bureaucrats or vacuous celebrities, brow-beat the young with the crimes of the Nazis while obscuring the far greater enormities of the Marxists. Quote:

Research suggests that the number of unnatural deaths wrought by communism may be upward of eighty million?a number so high that the violence of Tsarist Russia, the Spanish Inquisition, and ?Bloody? Mary?s English counterreformation pale in comparison. Today, seven out of ten Americans underestimate the number of lives that communism extinguished. Perhaps that explains part of communism?s continued appeal. End of quote.

Partly. As Thomas Sowell says, Marx and Engels were brilliant young men who never once shouldered adult responsibilities. Consequently they have appealed to generations of similarly feckless youth and academics. Quote:

But if your friends could travel back in time to the Stalin era, they would see that literal class warfare benefits no one except opportunistic tyrants like Stalin.

And they would see that he was no hero. End of quote.