The factually incorrect and shabby hit job from 1News continues

The factually incorrect and shabby hit job against a high performance cycling coach from 1News continues: Quote:

As High Performance Sport New Zealand prepares to launch an investigation into Cycling New Zealand’s handling of former sprint coach Anthony Peden’s behaviour, more details are emerging about just why a relationship with a rider was so inappropriate.

The information further shows why Cycling NZ’s failure to step in is of real concern, as Peden wasn’t just coaching the athlete he was having a relationship with – he was also a selector.

That means Peden was making decisions about who was in the team and as a result, who received funding.

Athletes have told 1 NEWS there was a bias in those decisions.? ?

While the relationship was going on the rider went to all the major events and other athletes believe that decision wasn’t solely based on performance.

In fact, some told 1 NEWS they believed selection or non-selection was used by Peden as a way of controlling and intimidating those who knew about what was going on.

Cycling NZ is given more than $4 million of tax payer money a year to support the best athletes as they work towards the Olympics.

Critics say Peden’s relationship jeopardised the objectivity of the selection process and athletes lost trust in the programme.

But the problem athletes faced, unlike staff, was the option of walking away from the organisation also meant walking away from their sporting dreams. End quote.

This shabby hit job on NZ?s most successful current cycling coach Anthony Peden is continuing, and being supported by some extremely poor quality journalism. Abby Wilson makes a series of allegations against Peden that are factually incorrect. Either she screwed up or this is fake news, but regardless Abby Wilson is in clear breach of the Broadcasting Standards Authory?s Standard 9: Accuracy.

Why I say this is a shabby hit job is because TVNZ, the journalist, Cycling NZ and some of the whingers complaining to media all know that Peden is prevented from speaking about this issue at all. So they are smearing him with no ability for him to respond.

What makes it even worse is most of these allegations are coming from poor performing athletes who clearly weren’t any where near up to par on their skills, fitness and mental strength to compete at a high performing level. On top of that his ex-missus has been shopping stories around various media for months. It looks like 1News has bought those stories.

With regards to the article quoted above here are two major factual inaccuracies that any journalist who was worth their pay would have actually fact checked on.

1. Peden controlled funding for Athletes.?This is simply not true. It is clearly in breach of??is accurate in relation to all material points of fact?.?Funding is set by High Performance Sport NZ and based on world rankings, and coaches do not have any discretion over funding.

2. Peden was selecting athletes alone.?There were three selecting athletes and Wilson misleads by suggesting that there was only one selector.

I have laid a complaint with 1News and if I don’t get a satisfactory answer then I will take it to the Broadcasting Standards Authority.