The first bi-annual Whaleoil Gun Club shoot

Yesterday morning dawned fine and freezing in Awakeri as the inaugural shoot of the Whaleoil Gun Club met for a day of fun with guns.

There were 11 participants, and around 47 firearms. Attendees were Cam, Spiker, Flattanker, Mark, X-bolt, Richard, Wallace Westland, WH, Muz3, macvac and Kopua Cowboy. A couple of apologies were received, see you next time guys. Readers, you’d be proud of us, we were the model of diversity. We had bolt action rifles, category A semi-auto rifles, category E semi-auto rifles (owners only), lever action rifles, pump action shotguns, over and under shotguns, semi-auto shotguns, pistols, revolvers, a black powder rifle and a black powder revolver. We covered the entire spectrum.

We were also test firing some rifles for The Wild:

And we played with some antique firearms:

I picked up a Glock, a pistol I haven’t fired in nearly 20 years. Seems I haven’t lost the knack:

And this is why you wear eye protection, look at the third shot:

A fantastic day was had by all members. Special thanks to Spiker for arranging the day and also thanks to mcvac from The Wild for acting as range officer and providing a huge historic array of Mauser rifles from World War I and World War II.

Thanks also go to the Awakeri Shooting Federation for allowing us the use of their fantastic facilities.

It has been decided by the founding members of the Whaleoil Gun Club that we will hold these events bi-annually.