The hack jobs on Tommy Robinson continue

Caption: Like Pravda of old, the compliant mainstream media are joining the Orwellian British state in making Tommy Robinson a Goldstein figure

Journalist Caroline Overington cost her former employers at Bauer Media millions in a record defamation case in which a judge ruled that she had failed to check basic facts. Now at News Corp, she?s up to her old tricks, smearing Tommy Robinson with a farrago of untruths, half-truths and innuendos.

After more than 600 words where it?s almost possible to see her holding her nose as she derides Roseanne Barr, Overington turns her sneering gaze to Tommy Robinson. Quote:

[…] he?s a far-right activist, and that?s not his real name, but since he has four known aliases we?ll stick with it?has a long rap sheet for things such as head-butting people at protest marches End of quote.

All of this has little to do with the ostensible subject, Robinson?s recent arrest and official disappearance. It?s transparent character assassination. It?s also pretty obvious that Overington is doing some pretty sloppy research again: almost all of the above is uncritically culled from the opening paragraphs of Robinson?s Wikipedia entry, and it?s mostly misleading, even when it isn?t flat-out wrong.

Robinson has repeatedly denied being ?far-right? and in fact quit the English Defence League (EDL) precisely because it was being taken over by the far-right. Indeed, the person Robinson head-butted was a neo-Nazi.

Overington soon outdoes herself in the sneering stakes, though. Quote:

He?s obsessed with sex crimes committed by Islamist refugees, with female circumcision, with polygamy, and so on […]? End of quote.

The industrial-scale rape of underage non-Muslim girls by Pakistani Muslims in Britain and the deliberate concealment of those crimes by all arms of the British state is the most staggering scandal to emerge in Britain in living memory. The sheer scale and brutality of the horror inflicted upon thousands, if not tens of thousands, of British girls by Muslim men is almost beyond comprehension. That police, social workers and politicians all conspired to hide those crimes and shield the perpetrators for decades should obsess and offend any decent person.

When they?re not raping underage white girls, thousands of Muslim men in Britain are mutilating their daughters? genitals, forcing them into child marriages, and subjecting Muslim women to oppressive polygamous marriages. Even when caught they are almost never punished.

Overington actually makes it sound like it?s a bad thing that an activist like Tommy Robinson has sacrificed so much, including his liberty, to draw attention to these horrors. Quote:

[…] and he was incensed that the media had not been covering a trial, under way in Leeds, of nine Muslim men accused of grooming children for sex. End of quote.

And rightfully so, one would think.

Of course, Overington makes a show of some token tut-tutting about free speech and the Orwellian way in which the police swooped and dragged Robinson before a kangaroo court. She calls it a ?mistake? as if various arms of the British state just accidentally conspired to un-person a bothersome activist. But then she goes right back to shooting the messenger and taking the side of the same authoritarian state which conspired to hide the truth about the mass-rape of British children. Quote:

[…] the rights, the principles that the judge was defending?Without them, we?re all in Vladimir Putin?s Russia End of quote.

Rights and principles? What about the right to due process? Natural justice?

The mainstream media have shamefully closed ranks with the British state and colluded to not only sweep the horrors inflicted on working-class British children under the carpet but to attack and smear anyone who dares expose them. Like too many other journalists, Caroline Overington has chosen a side and white, working-class Tommy Robinson isn?t on it.