The Labour youth camp scandal: It’s gone awfully quiet

It?s now four?months since the alleged sexual assault of four 16 year old children at the Labour youth camp on 10th February 2018.

The last we heard about this was back in March, not long after the Labour party was forced to belatedly admit that there was some inappropriate behaviour at a camp run by Young Labour.

Here?s a quick re-cap.

9th February

  • Labour youth camp opens and is addressed by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Image supplied: Labour list MP Liz Craig with members of Young Labour

10th February

  • Large-scale drinking session occurs with a “mountain” of alcohol including Rum, Vodka, Cider and an array of RTD’s. Many young people were drinking at this session including a 15-year-old child.
  • Two male and two female 16-year-old children are allegedly sexually assaulted by a person sticking his hands down their pants

11th February

  • The alleged offender, a 20-year-old man, is sent home from camp
  • All four victims are interviewed by organisers of the camp and asked what support they required.
  • A decision is made to not inform the victims? parents.

Credit: Luke

14th February

  • Labour General Secretary Andrew Kirton, Labour Party President Nigel Howarth and Labour Senior Vice President are all advised of the incident. Young Labour is advised to get back in contact with the victims and offer support.

4th March

  • Cabinet Minister Megan Woods contacted via Facebook by a victim who was unhappy that there had been no response from Young Labour since the 14th February contact.

10th March

  • Labour offers professional services to the victims
  • Counselling and support services are offered to the offender

12th March

  • News of the incident breaks in the media and the Prime Minister is advised of the incident.

Credit: Luke

14th March

  • The media publishes reports that a victim has made a complaint to the police.

Since then, it has been almost three long months?and we have heard?nothing.

Based on what we know of events surrounding the Labour youth camp, it?s possible that several laws were broken.

  • Sexual assault x 4
  • Supply of alcohol to minors
  • No liquor licence for the premises

These are all serious events which are presumably being investigated by the police.

The police were very quick to inform us that the Prime Minister’s partner Clarke Gayford was not under investigation for anything illegal.

Perhaps they could tell us how things are progressing with an actual investigation that is in the public interest?

  • Is there an ongoing investigation?
  • Has it already concluded?
  • If so, what was the outcome?

What inquiries have been conducted by Labour to address host responsibilities that seem to have been missing in action but don?t necessarily break the law?

Here are a few examples:

Why did the adults and camp supervisor go to bed at 9 pm or soon after and leave youth unsupervised?

Why were the victims’ parents not informed of the sexual assault?

Who thought it was a good idea to have alcohol at a youth event?

It would be good to get an assurance from our open and transparent Labour government that this scandal hasn?t just been dropped into a black hole hoping it will be forgotten.

Young Labour summer camp 2018