The non-diverse ‘diversity dinner’ : Part two

Counties Manukau police host non-diverse ‘diversity’ Ramadan dinner Photo:

Counties Manukau Police hosted an Iftar Ramadan Dinner for South Auckland Muslims. It was a first for New Zealand and sets an unacceptable discriminatory precedent as no other religion or identity group has been elevated in this way by the New Zealand police.

In my first article about the dinner, I speculated on the motivation behind it. When reading the Indian Newslink article about the dinner I discovered the following things.

  1. The number of Muslims in New Zealand is rapidly growing and has increased 28% in the last 12 years.
  2. New Zealand now has a number of Mosques in the major centres.
  3. Auckland has two Islamic schools (Al Madinah and Zayed College for Girls).
  4. The majority of Muslims (not born here) came from Fiji over the last two decades and they currently make up the largest ethnic group of Muslims in New Zealand.
  5. The ensuing two decades accounted for a sharp rise in the number of Muslims from India, who are soon to become the largest group of Muslims in New Zealand.
  6. New Zealand Muslims are ethnically diverse and come from more than 50 countries, including many second and third generation, New Zealand born Muslims, Maori and Pakeha.
  7. In South Auckland?the Federation of Islamic Association of New Zealand (FIANZ) is going to spend 15 million dollars building an Islamic ‘complex.’

It appears that the majority of the New Zealand Muslim population is centred in Auckland as that is where the two Islamic schools are and where the 15 million dollar Islamic ‘complex’ is going to be built. I wonder what an Islamic ‘complex’ is a euphemism for?

Overseas many non-Muslim populations are fighting the construction of what they call ‘ Mega Mosques.’ There are many news stories about towns where the Muslim population is only a few hundred but with overseas funds?or Halal certification money Muslim communities have built Mega Mosques to attract thousands of Muslims to the town. In America, in particular, I have read about many local communities trying to prevent Mega Mosques being built inside their communities.

Mega Mosques have been built in Christian or Jewish majority areas as part of a strategy to spread the influence of Islam.

Here are some examples:

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Florence plans ‘mega-mosque’ for Muslim worshippers

The Counties Manukau police know that the Muslim population in South Auckland is going to continue to increase and have felt the need to single out Muslims for special treatment with their non-diverse ‘diversity dinner.’ It brings to mind the saying, ‘An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.‘?Quote:

Peaceful People

Speaking on the occasion, Counties Manukau Police District Commander Superintendent Jill Rogers paid tributes to the Muslim community, saying that Muslims are among the most law-abiding, tolerant and quiet people. End of quote.

While I certainly hope that is, in fact, the case here in New Zealand, in every other country including Australia there are massive problems with Muslim crime and violence. There is obviously Islamic terrorism but also there are so-called honour killings and female genital mutilation and paedophilia because their culture approves of child brides.

This month through the tip line I was told that female genital mutilation is happening in West Auckland and is being covered up by Muslim doctors. I sincerely hope that it is not true but seriously, if it is happening in every other Western country with a Muslim population why would it not be happening here in New Zealand?