The school run: Can we just grow up?

credit: Kevin Stent/Stuff

The nightmare of the school run appears regularly in the news.? Here?s the latest.? Quote:

Parents are clogging up the capital ? stopping their cars in the middle of roads, causing delays and creating safety concerns during school pick-up and drop-off periods.

The frustration this?creates?has gotten so bad in Wellington that one parent has even?threatened to run over the principal of a city school.? End of quote.

Unbelievable.? Some people just need to take a giant chill pill and calm the heck down.

Others need to grow up a little and stop behaving like entitled children.

How sad is it that there is such a problem collecting children from school?? First world problems all right.? Forget how am I going to feed my child today, or where will we sleep tonight.? Really, the problem is how close can I get to the school gate so that my little darling doesn?t have to walk more than is absolutely necessary.

When mature adults, who should be setting an example and raising their children to be responsible human beings, cannot even manage the school run without resorting to death threats, you know things are just a little out of whack.

But now the council is involved.? That can only be bad. ? Quote:

To alleviate the mayhem, and congestion, Wellington City Council wants?to develop a school travel plan focused on “active transport” options and alternative pick-up zones. [?]

[?] The move comes after years of reported traffic jams outside Wellington schools, particularly around St Mark’s School, Wellington College and Wellington East Girls’ College, which are all near the Basin Reserve traffic chokepoint.

On Thursday, councillors will debate whether some car parks in the suburb of Newtown should be converted into a pick-up and drop-off zone during peak times to alleviate morning and afternoon pressure points.

In a submission, Newtown School said a lack of suitable parking meant some parents were stopping in the middle of the road to drop off their children, causing delays, congestion and pedestrian safety concerns.? End of quote.

Seriously, how stupid are these parents that they think stopping in the middle of the road to drop off children is a good plan?? Now as a result of their entitled behaviour, local retailers will lose more car parks.

Of the three schools that are mentioned so far, two are High schools, educating young adults.? Adults that should be able to cross the road all by their very own selves.? Quote:

[?] South Wellington Intermediate School principal Traci Liddall said daily bottlenecks were particularly bad when it rained.? “I’ve had parents do the fingers, throw a complete hissy-fit and one dad threaten to run me over when I’m trying to get them to move away from the pedestrian crossing and not park on the yellow, dotted-lines,” she said.

Rintoul St was the main chokepoint because parents seemed to think their kids would “melt” if dropped further than 10 metres from the gate.? End of quote.

Maybe they will melt, poor little snowflakes.? They are just not made of the good stuff these days.? Quote:

[…] Townsend said most children, when asked, were really keen to walk, scoot or bike to school independently.

“They can help give their parents confidence in their abilities by obeying road rules. We encourage children to find a friend to walk with, or a group of other children.”? End of quote.

Actually, it sounds more like it’s the parents that are the problem, not the kids.? Sort yourselves out parents, and learn to behave like a grown up.