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The shocking truth about Tommy Robinson

If anyone knows anything about Tommy Robinson they know, without a doubt, that he's far right, alt-right, a racist and a Nazi. After all, the mainstream media keep saying so. But, the shocking truth about Tommy Robinson is... he's none of those things. Brace yourselves: the mainstream media lie.

Deborah* discovered for herself just how much the media lie when she met Tommy Robinson and discussed his political beliefs.

Deborah has recently completed her master's degree in terrorism studies, especially focusing on what she calls Islamic supremacy (rather than Islamism). Her thesis examined the way in which Islamic supremacists like the Ikhwan Muslimin, the Muslim Brotherhood, exploit the narrative of Islamophobia in order to further their agenda.

The more she studied these subjects, Deborah says, the less she found herself accepting the narratives of the media and the left at face value.