The Sweden of the South Pacific?


We’ve all seen what has happened in Europe as a result of an extreme open borders policy. Countries like Sweden, Germany and the UK are basically ruined. Anyone with half a brain knows that you simply cannot throw open the doors to hordes of people from war-torn countries with a completely different way of life and expect it to end well. Invariably, it doesn’t. It is particularly hard on women in these countries, who are regarded as fair game by the invaders, and the number of sexual attacks on innocent women just skyrockets. It is madness.

Did I say something about people with half a brain? This from?Stuff?Quote:

As countries around the world look to close their borders to refugees and other migrants, New Zealand is working on its plan to lift its refugee intake to 1500?a year.

It’s a move that is being watched around the world, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern having taken a strong stance on the issue, and New Zealand having adopted a community sponsorship model for refugees that has been specifically mentioned by the United Nations as it drafts its?latest refugee strategy. End quote.

Isn’t it the first role of government to protect its own people? Are we to become the Sweden of the South Pacific? Quote:

Groups such as Amnesty International and the Greens say the numbers involved are tiny, and they want New Zealand to take even more. Against a background of 22.5 million refugees worldwide, the Greens want a gradual increase to 6000 a year. End quote.

Our population is only 4.5 million. The numbers may be tiny, but our population is tiny. 6000 a year, with their ‘family reunification’ add-ons, may soon turn into over 100,000 a year. Sounds harsh? Ahmed Zaoui is reported to have brought 18 family members to New Zealand once his refugee status was granted. Take a look at Britain. A Muslim man with 3 wives can bring in a fair few family members and they can have numerous children. It won’t take long for New Zealand to be overrun.

Just like Sweden. Just like Germany. Just like Britain.

So why does our government want to do this when there is absolutely no need? Quote:

Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway is standing firmly behind the 1500 commitment, saying he is currently working on a Cabinet proposal.

Labour campaigned on doubling the refugee quota from 750, and remains?committed to implementing that. However, there is no current timeline for when the new quota of 1500 will take effect. End quote.

Just wait. The Greens will wade into this. It will be 6000 a year before you know it. Quote:

Lees-Galloway says he is working on a proposal regarding the implementation of the new quota, but has yet to take the plan to the Cabinet, where it will be debated.

“There is an extraordinary number of people around the world who are displaced and in need of refuge, and New Zealand has always been a country that puts its hand up,” he says.

The proposal to lift the quota is expected to get support from coalition partners, with NZ First supporting an increase in the number of refugees ahead of the election, provided people were settled in areas with adequate jobs and housing. End quote.

There would be much more sense in trying to help these people in their own countries. Being ripped away from your home in a war-torn state does not usually make for a great new citizen. Yes, we can sympathise with their plight, but because so many Western countries have been so stupid and lax about their immigration policies, illegal immigration is now completely rife. People go country shopping. Real refugees get to languish in camps for decades because they played by the rules. You would think the United Nations might try to do something to address this. You would be wrong. Quote:

Amnesty International New Zealand campaigns director Meg De Ronde?says raising the quota is a good start, but there is much more to do.

“This is the first step on the road to doing our fair share, which currently we’re not doing globally.”

New Zealand is currently taking a “drop in the ocean”?of the world’s 22.5m refugees, 1.2m of whom need urgent resettlement. End quote.

We are a drop in the ocean. No country can rehome 22 million refugees. No group of countries can do that. When you take into account the number already taken in by Europe, the situation is overwhelming. Rehoming them in Western countries is clearly not the answer. Quote:

The Government has launched a community sponsorship pilot programme to help resettle refugees, which has cross-party support.

Four community-based organisations in Wellington, Timaru, Christchurch, and Nelson have been chosen to support the resettlement of 25 refugees arriving from the start of this month.

Lees-Galloway says the grassroots approach will have positive social, economic and cultural benefits, for both for the community and the resettled refugees. End quote.

I’ll bet you it doesn’t. I guarantee that communities that take in the refugees will wish they hadn’t. 25 immigrants will soon become 200. That will be a lot of aliens within a community and God help the young girls. There are over 50 towns in Britain with court cases on the go with grooming gangs as we speak. It beggars belief. We do not want that here.

New Zealand still has a chance to stop this awful trend but we need to act now. I do not want to see young girls raped because Jacinda Ardern wants a plum job at the United Nations. We need to stop this madness. We do not want to become the Sweden of the South Pacific. Not now. Not ever.