The ‘victims’ who are single-handedly destroying women’s sport

Laurel Hubbard lifts in the snatch at the world championships in Anaheim, California.


Have you ever felt the urge to re-write a headline? Well, I got it yesterday when I read this doozy!

Why transgender athletes can?t get a sporting chance???Quote:

A weightlifter is the butt of online jokes. A cyclist faces a slew of criticism. A fighter prepares to hide who he is. Max Towle meets the transgender Kiwis suffering for their sport. End of quote.

I felt like it was upside down day reading both the headline and the article because a tiny minority of men are single-handedly ruining Women’s sport for women. The article totally ignored how being forced to compete against biological men is victimising biological sportswomen and it instead casts the men as the victims. Quote:

In January, Weatherly competed in the women?s field for the first time, eligible under the regulations she helped create.

The Wireless?contacted six different sporting codes asking if they had a policy, or what advice they would give a trans athlete, and their responses generally make Cycling New Zealand look like a frontrunner in diversity and inclusion. End of quote.

Did you get that bigot? Including men in women’s sport is inclusive and diverse. If your sporting code demands that only women compete in women’s sport then you are backward and are victimising men. Quote:

[…] New Zealand Rugby?s head of participation, Steve Lancaster, said the organisation doesn?t have a trans policy but is developing one. ?We have recommended to provincial unions to apply a safety-first focus ? these issues need to be handled with care and support.?

[…] if Weatherly had chosen another sport over cycling, the difficulties she faced would be the same. And her story isn?t a rare one -?The Wireless?spoke to four other young people who have felt the same anxiety and isolation. All of them say they wish the system was built to help them succeed in sport happily.

[…] Wiri Bristowe has faced complaints about her playing women’s netball.
Bristowe moved home to Blenheim a few months ago to be closer to her family during hormone treatment. She travels to Nelson to meet with doctors and psychiatrists.

[…] her team beat another 85-12. After the game, a parent who had discovered Bristowe was transgender made a complaint to Marlborough Netball. […]

Earlier this month, at a tournament in Taupo, she won an award for ?Most Valuable Player.?

?Seeing the word ?female? on the certificate – it felt like an acknowledgement of who I am.?

[…] ?Everyone has the right to play sport.? End of quote.

Yes, every sportsperson has a right to compete and every sportsperson also has a right to a fair competition.

When I first started writing about Transgender women I conformed to the pressure I felt to be politically correct and I referred to them as she and her. While I am quite happy to call these men by female names if these are the names they now want to be called I refuse to help maintain the delusion that they are women. They are men who have hormonally and surgically mutilated or altered their bodies in the belief that changing how they look on the outside will make them feel better on the inside.

A person with Anorexia views their body as fat no matter what the reality is because it is a mental illness

Imagine if we treated people suffering from Anorexia the way we treat people suffering from Transgenderism by going along with their delusion.

  1. We would agree with them when they looked in the mirror and saw a fat person
  2. When they insisted on liposuction or other body changing surgery to alter their body in the hope that it will change the fat person they see in the mirror we would get the government to fund it.
  3. We would tell them that if losing weight by taking weight loss pills daily made them feel happier then it is fine with us.
  4. We would choose to be kind rather than caring. Instead of insisting that they eat because they were endangering their lives we would tell them that we recognise their fat identity (even though we know statistically that their delusion is likely to result in their death.)
  5. If they wanted to compete in the Biggest Loser weight loss challenge on T.V we would change the rules to allow them to enter.
  6. When they won the competition because no genuinely obese person could complete with a walking skeleton we would celebrate their success.
  7. When some of the competitors and their families complained that changing the rules to let Anorexics into the competition was unfair we would write headlines like…

Why anorexic competitors can?t get a sporting chance