The witch hunt at Cycling NZ is getting worse

Sources inside Cycling NZ are sending in a heap of information through the tip line, and are suggesting that if there wasn?t a toxic culture before then there is now with everyone looking at each other to see who is going to be next to go.

Apparently there is some doubt about the tenure of a senior administrator who is ?on leave? but may not come back.??

There are also real concerns about Cycling NZ being in a difficult legal position over any claims of inappropriate relationships while they have a former team member sitting on their board who was in a relationship with a coach. Apparently there are a number of former cyclists who are still with coaches, which makes you wonder whether Cycling NZ is the most highly funded dating agency in NZ.

There are also questions about whether there is actually bullying from coaches or if it is from team members trying to protect their positions. Coaches just want results, team members don?t want someone taking their place, so there has been a lack of camaraderie between established riders and new ones.

This will make the High Performance Sport NZ inquiry into Cycling NZ very interesting, especially as the number of people sending info through the tipline means Cycling NZ and High Performance Sport NZ cannot expect to sweep anything under the carpet.