This England


This royal throne of kings, this scepter?d isle,
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise,
This fortress built by Nature for herself
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
Which serves it in the office of a wall,
Or as a moat defensive to a house,
Against the envy of less happier lands,
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England,

– Richard II, Act 2, scene 1


Six months ago now, I was very humbled to be given the rather rare opportunity of contributing towards this blog.

The first few articles I put in for publishing were centred upon the rise of private on-line predator hunting groups in the U.K. and how their emergence was a response to an increasingly hostile and frustrated general public. The recent arrest of Mr Robinson over the weekend has prompted me to revisit this most serious and growing problem.

The argument I made then, to explain this relatively new phenomenon, was that a combination of greater overall public access to an ever-broadening on-line world; coupled with a seemingly ever-diminishing social morality and contract, had created something of a ?perfect storm? which would only worsen in the months and years ahead if no real action was made to counter it.

The scourge of child abuse which is currently sweeping through the British Isles is unfortunately not a new concept, however, the rise of such incidences of abuse which are occurring online is certainly something the establishment has no real understanding of. Even the damage done by the Rotherham and Telford scandals does not appear to be prompting the ruling class to make?the?changes necessary in order to counter this growing threat from an increasingly hostile and militant Islam.

My?belief is that?this?lack of action is?mainly due to?the burden of abuse?being most keenly felt amongst the lower and working classes and therefore is not an issue for those who sit in positions of power and influence.

This strange disconnect and hubris the current British establishment has with its general public is perhaps most accurately?viewed when considering the recent Royal wedding. It was plastered all over the media without much chance of relief from the inevitable feelings of nausea some?hold towards such events, especially when considering the lack of coverage?and apparent concern?regarding?the latest ongoing Muslim?rape gang scandal and the horrors it entails.

Six months ago I?wrote that this break down in relations between the people and its Policing Force, or ?Service? as they are now to be known as, would not improve without a greater sense of cooperation and ?buy in? from the general public in accordance with the original ?Peelian Principles? that this most treasured and valued institution was founded upon.

Looking back now, and considering the recent developments concerning the arrest of Mr Robinson, I see now how na?ve I was in thinking this to be even possible.

For me, the most depressing and frightening part of this recent incident has been the blanket ban on media coverage within the U.K. which was ordered by the presiding judge.

We are not afraid: we are?truly terrified.

However one feels about Mr Robinson, his arrest should be an indication of how out of control the government of the U.K. has become.

I don?t see the motivations behind this arrest as being part of a shadowy conspiracy to enforce a police state throughout the British Isles. While this may be the inevitable result, I see this as being more an indication as to how truly panic-stricken the U.K establishment has become of its own populace.

After 60 years of successive liberal?governmental immigration policy, the British Isles is now an extremely small island with over 60 million inhabitants, from increasingly diverse backgrounds races and cultures.

Trying to keep a lid on this ever boiling melting pot has become the U.K. government?s primary concern, if only to protect their own standing, assets and security.

When considering the lack of action regarding Brexit: accountability is certainly not very high on its list of priorities.

So what is the answer? More Royal weddings? Bread and Circuses? Perhaps the establishment will think that the upcoming World Cup in Russia may provide some much-needed relief. England?s mostly poor past showings with the round ball game would suggest this to be only a short term fix. And summer is coming: the traditional season for riots in the streets.

To my mind what is desperately needed, is for the people of this scepter?d isle to purposefully experience a renaissance and return to the values and ideals which once encapsulated Great Britain in its truest sense. While a complete return to an imagined ?golden age? is impossible: the journey towards such an ideal is the very medicine so sorely needed.

But how to get there? I see only three options: the first being entirely impractical and inhumane; the second being entirely intolerable and short-sighted, and the third being entirely improbable but most desirous.

The first option is to abandon all sense of faith and certainty in?the hard-fought-for civic institutions and work towards not only placing extreme limits on immigration but reversing this trend altogether. This, in my opinion, would bring out the worst kind of racism, whose negative impacts would not only be felt by minorities but would also strip the general public of any sense of decency and morality.

Entirely inhumane, not to mention counter-productive.

The second option is, in the words of Winston Churchill, to ?keep buggering on? with the same failed policies and institutional neglect of the general public?s welfare, especially the most vulnerable.

Entirely intolerable but to be expected.

The third option is for the people of the U.K. to return en-masse to the ranks of Christianity and to begin to rediscover the values and principles of charity, humility and tolerance which is so evidently missing from the current social landscape. Not only would this renaissance of spirit strengthen individuals and families with a renewed sense of meaning and purpose, but?it would also meet and even potentially complement the growing challenge being laid down by the rise of Islam.

Entirely improbable, but I believe most desirous.

While it’s impossible to know how things will pan out in the near future, it is certain that a great change is close at hand. Let’s hope that with this generational change to come, the best ideas and wisdom forged by those that have gone before will not be abandoned through the distractions of immediate satisfaction, and selfish desire.

In the words of the great Bard himself – “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”