Time for a fat bastard tax?

The anti-obesity drive is fuelling concerns now over plus sized models and plus sized clothing. Apparently fat bastards and fat chicks aren’t allowed to look good anymore, and neither should there be chunky models: Quote:

The normalisation of “plus-size”?clothing and overweight models could be fuelling the obesity epidemic because it leads people to underestimate their own weight, a new study has shown.

The?plus-size movement?may help promote body positivity but it is having the unintentional consequence that people start believing they are a healthy weight, researchers claim.

Sociologists from the University of East Anglia said it could undermine efforts to tackle the obesity epidemic where more than three in five Britons are overweight or obese.

Many companies now have plus-sized ranges including?Marks & Spencer?s Curve, which caters for women sized between 18 and 32. End quote.? ?

Aren’t you all sick of these sociologists?

They first want to make fatties feel good about themselves and now another group of “scientists” want all that effort shot down in flames because they think it is fuelling the so-called obesity epidemic.

You can’t catch obesity, it isn’t a communicable disease. You get obese by stuffing your gaping maw with excessive food and calories.

Instead of banning clothes and models and taxing sugar and fats, perhaps we really should sheet home the true cost of obesity and make responsible the real culprits, the fat bastards themselves.

We need a fat bastard tax.

The chances of such a tax? Not likely, not with Gerry Brownlee, Megan Woods and Nanaia Mahuta getting a vote.