Tone deaf Little admits he still hasn’t spoken to NZ First

Andrew Little is insisting he is going to repeal ‘three strikes’, despite having his arse handed to him by Winston Peters: Quote:

Three strikes will be passed, if you ask the Justice Minister.

Andrew Little says he doesn’t believe that New Zealand First will vote to oppose the three strikes legislation in its caucus today.

He believes it’s only a matter of time until the party support the bill, which was pulled at the last minute from today’s Cabinet debate.

“They are nervous about repealing three strikes but they’re not saying never ever, they’ve said to me we want a comprehensive package of reform, let’s look at everything together instead of just these handful of bits,” he said. End quote.

What a dead set useless moron.

That comment shows he hasn’t properly engaged with NZ First MPs, let alone with Winston Peters.

His arrogance is approaching Twyford-like proportions. If he thinks NZ First is going to vote for criminal friendly law and order changes then he has another thing coming.