University student body thinks Transgenders are weak & defenceless


So-called Progressives think that it is their job to protect the weak and defenceless. They see themselves as knights in shining Leftie armour going forth to battle the dragon of free speech. They are the true racists and bigots of this world as they think that if a persons?skin colour is brown or black they are unable to stand up for themselves.

They are the same with people who follow Islam.?They don’t try to ‘protect’ Christians because they see them as strong but they defend?Muslims because they see them as helpless and weak, incapable of defending themselves. (I know, I know, it is madness).

In the case of Jordan Peterson’s visit to the University of British Columbia the Social Justice Bullies have decided that Transgender students are incapable of handling a man making a speech that they don’t have to listen to. Yes, Transgender students have to be protected from not only the risk that they might hear something they don’t like but also from the truth which is that?Jordan Peterson is not Transphobic at all. Quote:

Marium Hamid, president of the Alma Matter Society at the University of British Columbia, where Peterson is scheduled to hold a book tour in July, said the student body has been coming forward with increasing concerns about potential harm caused by visitors such as Peterson.

?We stand with our membership that feel the presence of these individuals on the campus in any way may harm them,? Hamid said.
Peterson is scheduled to present at a talk this weekend at the Orpheum Theatre on the topic of religion versus science […]

Vanessa Singleton, executive member of the Thompson River University Outlaws, a pro-LGBTQ group of law students, said students may interpret Peterson?s comments and his position as a university professor as permission to discriminate against others. End of quote.

May harm? May interpret? They also may learn something. Quote:

Peterson’s rallies on Canadian campuses often draw protests. (Screengrab/YouTube)

Peterson […] blames the media for turning his comments ? which he says are philosophical ? into a political debate.

?Substantially, a subset of journalists I would say, they?ve misunderstood what I?m doing. They tend to view my work fundamentally through a political lens,? Peterson said. ?I think it?s a philosophical dispute.? End of quote.