Was John Tamihere in the wrong party?

It’s interesting to cast your mind back occasionally to past events and interviews to check on what progress has been made … or not. In the election year 2005 there were interesting interviews with John Tamihere, who was very open and honest with his opinions on politics, particularly in his interviews with Investigate’s Ian Wishart.? I imagine that he was not ‘flavour of the month’ with the feminist leaders of the Labour party at the time.

He made some notable comments in his ‘The Full Monty’ interview. For instance:

  • The ability of Labour’s female leaders to plot years ahead when he had trouble getting his sons organised for soccer? (you may remember that comment.)
  • The danger of Labour’s ‘Wimmin’s Division’ (anti-male.)
  • The lack of males in primary schools because they were all considered ‘molesters and rapists’, or potentially so.
  • Comments on Helen Clark,? “a very, very complex person and very fragile emotionally” ( You may remember that when things became difficult, she’d disappear while Cullen took over).

When asked about the economy he replied:

There’s no huge economic debate anymore over socialism v capitalism. That’s gone. Capitalism has won, and the argument now is about best practice, best structure, best systems, and it’s nowhere near as exciting for the masses. Labour is now business-savvy. We never had that before because you had unionists, who begat our party, who believed all bosses were bad bosses. People are becoming business-savvy. Not all businessmen are bad. The biggest sweatshops we’ve got are hospitals, run by the government and funded by the government. All the bad conditions are in the public sector’.

Having been business-savvy back then, how has Labour become so socialist again?? He spoke about his party’s obsession with race. His opinion was that “Maori have equality, now (for goodness sake) behave like equals”.

His comments on journalists in 2005 were that they were “sycophantic” and that “no investigative journalism [was being] done in the press gallery.”? (Not much change there)!

Tamihere’s opinion of John Key’s ability was worth?noting as he called him an extraordinary talent. Quote:

Oh no, he’s going to be very good. I’ve got the greatest regard for John. One more term […]? he’s a formidable character. He’s the one who scares the shit out of me the most out of the whole bunch. He’s talented, affable, good sense of humour. Bastard came from a state house! I could go to bed comfortable at night, knowing that he was in charge […]? fair dinkum, not a problem. He’s an extraordinary talent!?End of quote.

Maybe John Tamihere was in the wrong party?

You can read the whole interview in full here


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