Welcome to the Victimhood olympics

Progressive pyramid of victimhood status or Identity politics pyramid of value

Welcome to the Victimhood Olympics where daily in the mainstream media we see the different?victimhood groups pitted against each other in a race for supremacy.

In our most recent race, we had the exciting spectacle?of a ‘pale stale male’ dressed as a woman racing against biological women of all colours and religions. Commentators are giving good odds that this ‘pale stale male’ will come in second place and have his rights trump the rights of women of colour because he has a certificate that states that he is, in fact, a woman.

A woman with a penis, but a woman. A white woman yes but being a trans-woman trumps being a woman of colour. Anyone familiar with the Progressive pyramid of victimhood status ( also known as the Identity politics pyramid of value) understands this.

Some may argue that women do not have penises but the Victimhood Olympics is not about science, it is about feelings.

The expected winner of this particular race is expected to be a Muslim woman if any attend the same gym. However, commentators note that a Muslim woman will be defeated if a transgender Muslim woman like the one below wants to join?the gym.

In the event that no Muslim women attend the gym, it is expected that this particular victimhood race will be won hands down by an ‘old white man’ in a dress.

Once again the patriarchy will have triumphed despite white men being at the very bottom of the victimhood pyramid. All they needed to do to counter decades of feminism and the fight for women’s rights was to put on a dress. Brilliant, just brilliant!