What would be nice would be the council actually collecting my rubbish

So, Auckland Council wants to collect my food scraps and charge me for it. Before they have put in place a system to actually collect my rubbish in the first place. Quote:

Auckland will move to the full introduction of kerbside food collections after councillors voted for a new waste management plan today.

The city has started trialling a third bin for food scrap collections in Papakura, but plans to phase in the system over the next few years.

Households already have a general waste bin and a recycling bin, some of whom pay a flat fee of $117 for the general bin, while others pay for a plastic bag or bin tag for each collection.?End quote.

No we don’t. We don’t have a general waste bin, no one in Rodney does. Or Whangaparaoa. They don’t exist. We do have a recycling bin, collected every fortnight, but not a general waste bin. The council doesn’t do that here.?Quote:?

The council plans to charge all households $67 a year for food scrap collections and eventually shift the weekly general waste bin collections to fortnightly on a pay-as-you-throw system.?End quote.

Oh great, just another tax. Why do they need to do this? Most houses these days have waste disposal systems and so what if it goes in a landfill, it composts. This is just another tax grab by a greedy and spendthrift council.?Quote:?

Councillor Linda Cooper said the new plan was a step change, albeit a tricky change for some people. Just tinkering, she said, was a waste for everyone who made submissions.

A hearings panel that heard 6579 submissions on the waste management plan considered calls for people to opt out of a food scraps collection, but panel chairwoman and councillor Penny Hulse said it was not practical.?End quote.

Yeah, they can’t have the revenue stream diminished. We don’t have food scraps because we have a waste disposal. Now the council is going to charge me $67 a year for something I don’t and won’t use.?Quote:?

Hulse, who chaired the environment and community committee that approved the plan today, said it was an extraordinary time for waste, getting the right systems in place and meeting the challenges along the way.

She said there were a lot of concerns among submitters, including moving from weekly to fortnightly refuse collections and plastic waste getting into the marine environment.

The council has opted to continue weekly collections until the food scraps collection is well embedded.

Other actions included in the plan are advocating for a higher waste levy, working closer with the private sector to reduce commercial waste which accounts for 80 per cent of total waste and building new waste recycling centres. End quote.

It would be nice if the council actually collected my rubbish, that is what councils are supposed to do…but no, they dream up new ways to charge us for the same rubbish they don’t collect in the first place. We pay the same rates as everywhere else, can we please have the same services as everywhere else.