When intersectional idiots collide

Caption: Look, if you dare, at the intersectional horror that is the latest Meanjin cover

There is nothing quite so hilarious as watching self-righteous leftists tying themselves into bewildered knots as they try and navigate their own Byzantine rules of political correctness and intersectional insanity. Revel in the comedy gold as the ultra-PC panel at The View literally flap their hands in bewilderment as they try to make sense of the imaginary genders of millennial SJWs.

Even more entertaining are the shenanigans which ensue when one of their own falls foul of the left?s shifting sands of victimhood and intersectionality. Quote:

It?s arguably the most woke literary journal in the country, but Meanjin?s editor, Jonathan Green, has been forced to apologise for the latest cover, which obliterates an indigenous word, in favour of the #MeToo hashtag. End of quote.

Jonathan Green is an ultra-pious leftist who, having amassed a fortune at the taxpayer?s expense, prefers to while away his leisure time pursuing small animals until they are torn to pieces. So it?s with a delicious serving of schadenfreude that we watch Green grovel for forgiveness from his fellow lefties for the unforgivable sin of forgetting which intersectional group currently sits higher on the Victim Totem Pole. Quote:

Green, who is also an ABC presenter and former Age editor, says it was his ?blindness? and ?carelessness? that resulted in the word Meanjin ? an indigenous word for the land upon which Brisbane now sits ? on the June cover being crossed out, in order to make way for a hashtag, which in turn promotes an essay by the feminist writer, Clementine Ford.

?I regret it. It?s a reminder of my privilege to not see what now seems so obvious,? Mr Green said yesterday. End of quote.

A more obvious reminder of your privilege might be your habit of playing dress-ups as a landed gentry toff, mate.

Caption: Occasionally this humble leftist frets that he might be a bit privileged

Of course, there?s no lefty freakshow without Punch: Quote:

Ms Ford, and two other writers whose work appears in the issue, have also apologised for not seeing a problem with the cover when it first went to press and, in acknowledging the ?ongoing trauma of whiteness in this country? have pledged to donate their fees to services for indigenous women. End of quote.

But the squawking ?outrage quickly took a left turn into Bizarresville: Quote:

Indigenous writer, Amy McQuire, was among the first to see, and draw attention to the offending cover on Twitter, saying: ?Given the destruction of land, cultures and language is fundamentally tied to violence against Aboriginal women ? it feels weird to see (the word) Meanjin crossed out in this way.? End of quote.

Actually, the hard evidence is that the violent brutality of too many Aboriginal men is ?fundamentally tied to violence against Aboriginal women?. But since when did intersectional leftists ever bother about pesky things like evidence. It?s much easier to just be ?offended?.

But the virtue-signalling of the left has its limits: usually somewhere around the point where it actually inconveniences them. Quote:

Writer Harry Saddler ? [said] ?I?ve seen that a couple of contributors to this issue have said they?ll donate the payments for their pieces to indigenous (organisations) and I really wish I could do the same ? but I?m having wisdom teeth surgery this month & it?ll cost me $1000, so to be honest I really need the money.? End of quote.

How convenient. Just like how Lily Allen demanded that everyone open their homes to illegal immigrants but mumbled feeble excuses about her own place being too small. There?s no room at the inn, not even a berth on the couch, at lefty Lily?s place.

Bullies come in two stripes: the physical and the verbal. As my mother always told me, the best way to deal with a verbal bully is to just ignore them until they give up. Having spent years routinely screaming abuse at ?white males? until white men no longer cared, it seems the SJW bullies are now turning their attention to white women. Quote:

Indigenous writer Karen Wyld said she was hurt by the ?white out? of the Aboriginal word in favour of ?white feminism? and asked white women not to contribute ideas for how donations could be spent, saying: ?A donation to an Aboriginal women?s organisation has been mentioned as a way of righting a wrong ? and random white women are already tweeting suggestions where this money should go. Can you just f?&^g not? End of quote.

As Twitter user Neontaster recently asked, ?Are white women the target du jour of the social justice mob because white men stopped giving a fuck??

So, listen up white ladies: take my mother?s advice and just ignore these screeching bullies. If there?s one thing they hate, it?s not getting the attention they so desperately crave.